no matter how the times change, can not stop women’s enthusiasm for the dress of a cavity, so there is always a market for women’s clothing store. For the first time to open women’s shop entrepreneurs, the main problem may be the purchase problem. What needs to consider the purchase of women’s clothing store, there are three main points for reference.

1, select the direction:

is already decided to do business men or women’s, the mind must be very clear, not a clothing wholesale market, see what is good, what to do. You must have a clear idea, do not forget to do what the market. Don’t let anything else influence your mind. read more

in this society, have their own ideas is very important, a parrot, no man is difficult to have a big act. So the two chowhound little girl, because there is a small idea, with efforts to create wealth!

two delicious mouth college opened a shop selling snacks, did not expect bigger: brilliant day more than 1 thousand list, ask 30 students to help, 5 logistics company staff dedicated to their service, a week fetched 750 thousand yuan! Now, they even got 5 million yuan of investment, reserve the formation of the company, develop national chain. read more


operator for maternal and child supplies stores, chain stores chain investment articles makes us in a certain extent to occupy a certain advantage, because the headquarters will provide a range of support to us, but at the headquarters of limited support, we use the maternal stores to join is also need to have a belong to our management approach to the management of our baby products chain store development, so as to enable us to get a better store.

operating a chain of maternal and child supplies store, we can not blindly run, you have to follow the laws and principles of the market, maternal and child supplies chain how to operate? Operating their own stores, store development planning. To join the chain of maternal and child products industry, businesses in the business can be based on the brand’s business planning, business philosophy to operate, to avoid more errors, so that their stores to get a more comprehensive development! read more

market brand investment is the right and wrong investors in the market for business insight. Join the market in Italy Le cool ice cream ice cream market big? What are the advantages, look at the following Xiaobian for you:

market opportunities:

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Cecil sweet romantic feelings only one mouthful, my thoughts would tao……

the appearance of art, silky silky taste, sweet and charming taste, relaxed and comfortable feeling, an ice cream, carrying a lot of good feelings. In social situations, ice cream is elegance and taste symbols, creating a relaxed atmosphere; sweet time, ice cream is the expression of love keepsake, sweet taste like love eyes, romantic vent; lonely bored, bored distraction and ice cream is medicine, soothing companion, when it slowly melt in the mouth and you will feel alone to enjoy the meet. read more

once the Chinese people to work as a means of getting rich, and now more people in rational choice, and then set foot on the road to return home. This wave of change, so that a new generation of workers to the new development.

the output from the "a rich one" to "one person do poineering work become rich one party" –


2 on Sept. 4, sunny. Deyang City, Zhongjiang County town, high streets and back lanes are rentoucuandong, went to the local people "ridicule" show to the streets to see "," model "of the season. read more

entrepreneurs in the business process, often will be a lot of chores burdened by many factors of distraction, ignoring a lot of problems, they often ignore the change and adjustment of small, which in fact can do wonders for their profits. If you want to succeed, you should avoid the following 7 mistakes.

1, too much responsibility for their own.

the acclaimed "can do" attitude to limit your development than it sounds. Business owners insist that they can do it themselves, but inadvertently ignore the task entrusted to others, including outsourcing can produce efficiency. Leaders who lack the skills of some areas, accept your role: be responsible for recruiting outstanding, can reduce the workload of managers, experienced job seekers! read more

What will

2013 do in the fire? Open a car decoration shop, will be your best choice. Continue to increase the number of cars, the car has become an essential means of transport home. People love the car as much as they love their children.

A. investment in early

1. investment of about 5-10 million equipment investment: counters, facade decoration, computers and simple furniture, a one-time investment of about 20 thousand yuan.

2.3 months running costs: a new shop opened, to prepare for two or three months without business preparation, it is best to prepare for the first half of the operating costs of about 30 thousand yuan a month.

3. into the money store opened, the store to prepare about 20 thousand yuan worth of car decoration materials. Of course, if there is a vendor willing to let you sell the decoration materials, sell and then settlement, the cost can be saved. read more

people say that knowledge change destiny, in fact, only the flexible use of knowledge in order to truly change the fate. For migrant workers, in the process of learning a lot of knowledge, but also accumulated a lot of money. With these accumulated knowledge and funds to start a business, change the fate of the big boss is not out of reach. Change the fate of entrepreneurs, workers can also be the boss.

has been correct, and there will still be many migrant workers with their practical actions to prove that the "answer" — and only in recent years, the mainland provinces and cities have a number of migrant workers in developed areas with funds, technology he created all kinds of enterprises and economic entities; at the same time migrant workers, as well as a large part of people through different forms of entrepreneurship, their companies, restaurants and factories have in their original work in the city, in a few years have ordinary workers may never save enough money, successfully realized from working to the role of the boss "upgrade". read more

China’s university education has been biased in favor of the theory and pay little attention to practice, leading to college students in the community to go through a period of running in. In response to the call of the Ministry of education, colleges and universities around the country will gradually promote the education of innovation and entrepreneurship, training in line with the needs of the entrepreneurial talent.

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Korean Hot pot stores location problems many novice, novice is difficult to find a suitable way to find the ideal location. In fact, the location of the market needs to investigate a lot of factors, it is very complex, but the franchisee must not be too troublesome to investigate and analyze one, it is very unfavorable, and quickly to learn about it.

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