first_imgAngry Birds, now that is a game that has cost me many an hour with its addictive bird flinging game play. As most people will know it’s been at the top of the App Store charts for what seems like forever, but its reign as the Top Free App was shortened recently by the release of Bubble Ball.No big deal right? But when you discover that it was developed by a 14-year-old kid called Robert Nay from Spanish Fork, Utah, and his mother Kari, the achievement sounds even more impressive. It’s  especially impressive when you think that Angry Birds was developed by Rovio, a large team with 50 mobile games already under its belt since 2003.According to the chaps over at Venture Beat the game was released late last year and has already been downloaded 1.5 million times, in fact last Thursday it was downloaded 400,000 times in just one day.Robert created the game using Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile. The SDK allows you to make graphical based games much more easily than using Objective-C, which is the main programming language for iPhone games. Of course, to publish on the App Store with Cornona SDK you do need to shell out $349, so let’s hope the kid gets some money back when he manages to embed in-app purchases or ads.Bubble Ball is a new physics puzzle game, where you will test your ingenuity and thinking skills to get the bubble to the goal. Use the pieces and power-ups provided, and come up with creative solutions. There are two types of pieces: wood and metal. Wood pieces are affected by gravity when you hit Start, while metal ones stay where you place them. Use power-ups to give the bubble speed boosts and even reverse gravity.Here’s a video of the game in action:Read more at Venture Beatlast_img read more