first_imgThe 2011 Black Hat conference is officially over, and the results of this year’s Pwnie Awards are out. The Pwnie Awards recognize superior brilliance in the field of information security, as well the most spectacular failures within the field. Of course, award winners get to go home with a My Little Pony spray-painted in gold, though the winners that fall into the latter category may not want to keep the reminder.The winners are chosen by a committee of security industry stars from nominations submitted from the information security community. This year’s awards featured nine categories which included Best Server-Side Bug, Best Client-Side Bug, Best Privilege Escalation Bug, Most Innovative Research, Lifetime Achievement, Lamest Vendor Response, Best Song, Most Epic FAIL, and Epic Ownage.Of course, Sony was everyone’s top choice for Most Epic FAIL. How could the company not be after we watched the company fail time and time again this year? Sony was actually nominated five times. The nominations were for laying off a significant amount of network security employees just months before the major Sony PlayStation Network hack that shut down PSN for over two months so the company could rebuild it by scratch. There was also that whole 77 million Sony Online Entertainment users whose accounts were hacked. And remember when GeoHot published how to jailbreak the PS3? This was not a good year for Sony.But speaking of GeoHot, the Best Song award went to George Hotz, AKA GeoHot, for his epic rap about his legal battles with Sony who sued the hacker over his PS3 3.55 jailbreak that revealed the vulnerabilities of PS3’s security. You can watch the video below, but be warned, there’s some NSFW language in there.As for the Epic Ownage category, nominees included Anonymous, LulzSec, and WikiLeaks – all big names in the world of hacking this year. However, the winner came out as Stuxnet. The Pwnie website points out that Stuxnet’s rootkit destroyed centrifuges, its worm disrupted national nuclear programs, and has written 0day exploits and rootkits for equipment that no one has even heard of. Clearly, they totally 0wn.Congrats to all the winners — though some are actually losers.Read more at the Pwnie Awards website.last_img read more