first_imgDear Editor,The fight within the People’s National Congress (PNC) to succeed David Granger as party leader has begun, even as he is receiving medical treatment overseas. From what is going on, the fight is nasty to say the least.Since coming to Government in May 2015, many allegations of corruption were levelled at various Government officials from sections of society. The many financial improprieties as revealed through the Auditor General reports are shocking.The Sussex Street bond fiasco, the D’Urban Park Project and the sole sourcing of hundreds of millions of dollars in drugs from both a leading Private Sector establishment and a shell company from overseas, are a mere few instances of wanton corruption. All were publicly denied by Government officials.As the President takes ill, the opportunists within are now pointing fingers at each other with accusations of corruption. Suddenly, it is a fight to show who is more corrupt. The infighting and the jostle for the position in the hierarchy of the leadership, has reached a point where it places the PNC on the path of breaking up and many stalwarts are worried.The battle to expose who has accumulated and sucked the most wealth from taxpayers since May 2015 has reached boiling point and now explains why they refused to submit their declarations to the Integrity Commission.The situation is such that the few who have the party at heart and who have expressed their concerns over the ongoing and unbridled corruption by party officials bleeding the country in the process, are being quickly pushed aside.What was always known by many regarding corruption by the PNC and which was denied, is coming to light from their own mouths as they trample on each other for the ultimately leadership position.If the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) and State Assets Recovery Agency (SARA) are really concerned about curbing corruption, it can easily gather confessions from those who are now fighting openly within the PNC. As they fight and the stories of corruption unfold, the impact could not only lead to the breakup of the PNC, but would bring further economic hardships to the country as a whole.Sincerely,Alvin Hamiltonlast_img read more