first_imgHow often do you see a professor of media arts and sciences from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at the world-renowned Fashion Week in Paris? The correct answer is, hopefully much more frequently, as the technology of 3D printing becomes a more and more influential part of the world of fashion.Dutch designer Iris van Herpen is at the Paris event, accompanied by MIT Media Lab’s Neri Oxman, to showcase a dress that was fabricated using 3D printing technology. While this is not the first time such technology has been used in the world of fashion, it is a statement that 3D printing is not just a niche or a proof of concept. It is a viable part of the fashion world and will continue to be so moving forward.As for this particular dress, it was printed on an Objet Connex500 multi-material 3D printer. Most 3D printers require that creations are printed only using one type of fabric or material, but the Connex500 allows for the mixing of different types of material. That’s what allows something as sophisticated as a world-class dress to be fabricated.There is no shortage of exciting 3D printing projects in the works, from increasingly affordable consumer 3D printers to ambitious over-the-top ideas like 3D-printed houses. It’s a far cry to say someone might fly in a 3D-printed plane anytime soon, but the fact that the mere concept isn’t just a thing for sci-fi movies is itself pretty incredible.via Objet Bloglast_img read more