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first_imgLast month I had the great fortune to meet with Ethan Landis of Landis Construction Corp., a leading design/build firm in Washington, D.C. The company was founded in 1990 by Ethan, an MBA, and his brother Chris, an architect. They specialize in home renovations in the greater Washington area, and over the last few years, the Landis’ company has defined its commitment to green building. As Ethan explains, that definition is dynamic. I traveled up the Red Line to the Tacoma Park metro stop to spend a couple of hours talking to him about it.Ethan spearheaded the green transition for the company while Chris took a more cautious approach. Four yars ago, they began, like a lot of companies, by looking closely at the building envelope and energy efficiency. As the initiative developed, Ethan asked himself how they could create a new green culture within their company. The answer came one fateful evening when he met Russ Clark at a social event. The two clicked immediately, and Russ soon found himself employed as the Green Program Manager at Landis Construction.I asked Ethan about the single defining event that cemented the company’s shift to green. He said that it was when they decided to hire a dedicated green staff person. Sure, they got a person to handle the green workload and learning curve, but it also demonstrated to the rest of the team the company’s commitment to green building. Russ was charged with the goal of making the shift to marketing the company as green while also walking the walk. His biggest challenge was getting everyone on the same page on green-building philosophies within both the company and its network of subcontractors and suppliers. He began working on the accompanying philosophy, practices, and marketing efforts. Ethan told me that the result was the company commitment to approaching green building as an integrated process rather than isolated products.Since hiring Russ, they have found their green offerings to be more and more in demand, currently offering them to all clients, with lots of takers. They analyzed and reviewed the origins of their projects in 2008, and more than 30% of their clients stated that they would not have come to the firm if they had not incorporated green practices. Ethan’s advice: Commit to green, and make it stick both financially and physically.The Landis Construction office is what Ethan calls “LEED certifiable,” following the USGBC rating system without completing the actual rating process. After taking that plunge, Landis is working on its first LEED for Homes project in Georgetown. The company is striving for LEED for Homes Platinum, and should know the results fairly soon. I was able to interview Russ on-site and take a close look at that project. Watch for the video coming soon at Green Building Advisor, and I will keep you posted on the results of Landis’ performance tests and certification. A tribute to their dedication, Russ and the guys are constantly reviewing their Green Program so that they can evolve with the industry and the market, redefining and updating practices.Ethan also shared some survival techniques that his company is employing in the down economy.Make a full commitment to green, with a person in charge. This ensures that the initiative will advance every business day.When developing the big-picture green goals, incorporate the livelihood and sustainability of the business as well. If the business didn’t weather the storm, neither would Landis’ green initiative. To them it meant adapting to a changing economic landscape.Landis created and nurtured a new, green, holistic company culture: green office space, office practices, hybrid vehicles, events, and last but definitely not least, building practices.They are a 100% renovation company, more in demand than new-home construction at this time. This was an existing characteristic of the company, and one that has kept them busy through the storm.Even though Landis offers design services, it has begun soliciting other architects for leads to help support the renovation side of the company.Landis is asking past clients for referrals. Sometimes this even keeps the company on the radar for return clients.Landis has developed an active marketing plan that keeps the company in the minds of potential clients without becoming annoying (no cold calling).Landis Construction has had two “rethinking” events over the last couple of years. First was the shift to becoming a green company in every interpretation of the term, reinventing all of its practices from the business and building perspective. Second, the recession forced management to take a critical look at marketing, and to begin gentle, sincere guerilla marketing tactics. One was voluntary, the other forced, but both have allowed Landis to stay relatively busy in our current economic climate.last_img read more

first_imgBuying used gear can be a great investment, but it can also involve risks. Let’s discuss which ones to take and which ones to avoid.In today’s film and video marketplace, it feels like everyone’s chasing the latest, greatest cameras and trends. From Full HD to 4K at 60 fps to whatever the heck it is that people want to do with 8K internal recording. It seems like every few months there are some big announcements and big technical breakthroughs.For a filmmaker or videographer simply looking to purchase a camera, it can be a bit overwhelming. You don’t want to go out and buy a new $3,000 camera just to see it become old news by the end of the week.Because of this overflow on the market, many filmmakers who have saved and are ready to make an investment — big or small — a smart choice is often the used gear route. But buying used also means that you need to really research and know what you’re getting.That is, if you’re cautious when considering all the risks that come with your used investments.Make Sure You’re Actually Getting a Good DealSo, before you dive into making a used gear investment, you’ll definitely want to do your due diligence and research the market. To start, you can always look up what every camera (or piece of equipment or gear) currently costs new. From there, you can also check around to get a ballpark estimate for the used piece of equipment.Big wholesale websites like B&H and Adorama can be good places to start. But for used, it might be best to check around on Amazon and Ebay, as well. From there, you should start to understand what used gear is actually worth.BUT! For many of these resale websites, used gear is actually refurbished, and often represents at least some type of care. Once you start shopping around from friends, colleagues, or just through online marketplaces like Craigslist or Facebook, you’re really dealing with true USED gear that hasn’t been touched up, or perhaps even tested, recently.As such, the price should drop. You should never pay the same price for something used as you would new. And, it might very well be best to not even pay the “used” price online for a used camera from a friend — without checking it out first, that is.Check the SensorImage via Hayati Kayhan.If and when you do get a chance to check a camera out in person, you’re going to want to look it over as thoroughly as possible. But one part that you should absolutely be sure to check out is the sensor. Cosmetic damages to cameras or gear should be easy to identify, but any small scratches or build-up inside the camera could be the biggest problem.When you can, inspect the sensor from the outside first for any noticeable damage. From there, you can give it an actual test.Record Test FootageHaving bought used cameras for both video and photography, for me, this seems to be pretty standard practice and probably the best way to test to make sure the secondhand gear you’re investing in is truly functional and working properly. For photography, you can simply take some test photos. Try to shoot at different F-stops and get some shots of clean backgrounds — like a blue sky or a white wall. This’ll help you when inspecting the images to see if there are any dots or blemishes.For video, you can try the same things, but of course, by actually recording video. Try recording at different frames per second. Try different lenses. (If you can, bring your own lenses to make sure they fit, as well.) Try, as best as possible, to replicate your intended workflow with the new camera or gear. If you can, bring your own cards and laptop so that you can make sure the footage will upload and isn’t damaged for your edits.Read Reviews for Common ProblemsImage via SKphotographer.Along with your initial research into pricing for your used gear and cameras, it is also helpful to research reviews to find common problems associated with cameras that could pop up after a couple years. Make a list of all the potential issues that people have reported, and ask if any of those problems (or warning signs of those problems) have been noticed with the gear.Check Shutter Count (If Applicable)While not always an issue with all video cameras, for many DSLRs back in the day, checking the shutter count for your hybrid video and photo cameras was perhaps the biggest piece of information about just how much wear and tear the camera had. It might not be the true equivalent of miles from the odometer of a car, but it’d at least give you an idea of just how often a camera has been used.If you’re looking strictly at video cameras, you can ask about its usage. Red flags to look out for are cameras or gear that have been used in extreme weather conditions (hot or cold), as well as in sandy environments like on the beach or on long hikes or trips.You’ll perhaps never know the true story of your used cameras or gear, but if you follow these steps and ask the right questions, you should mitigate the chances of investing in a piece of gear that might break down on you well before you expected.Cover image by nampix.For more film and video gear advice and tips, check out these articles below.Tips for Selling Your Cameras and Video Gear Online6 Online Resources for Renting Camera GearHow To Make Your Expensive Gear Investment Last ForeverIndustry Trends: The Most Popular Gear Rentals of 2018What You Should Buy After You’ve Purchased a Cameralast_img read more

first_imgIf there is one Khan in B-Town who needs a reason to party, it’s Imran Khan. The actor decided to throw himself a party celebrating the success of his last two films Delhi Belly and Mere Brother Ki Dulhan.Those who attended the party included uncle Aamir Khan, his wife Kiran, Deepika Padukone, Siddharth, Anushka Sharma and Shahid. When theres’ a party in B-Town, there, sure, is fun, fashion and flashbulbs.”Yeh party main apne do films ke success celebrate karne ke liye mana raha hoon. Deepika, Sonam mere co-stars rah chuke hai. So, they have come (This is to celebrate the success of my two films. Deepika and Sonam have been my co-starts, so they have come.)Most women decided to incorprate some element of white in the ensemble. So while Kiran sported a white scarf, Sonam decided to pair the pastel long gown with a white knitted jacket and Deepika donned a flowing white gown while Anushka decided to glam up in a short white dress.Family, friends and fraternity?it looks like Imran didn’t miss out on anyone. “Yes, I’ve invited Ranbir too, but he said he would be late. Katrina is in Dublin shooting, so she couldn’t be here. I had invited her too,” Imran said.One agrees that Kat is out of country, but what kept good friend, rockstar Ranbir Kapoor, at bay? Is this about professional rivalery? Would one ever get to see the two on screen together?”Yes if there’s a script, we would like to do a comedy, we have hosted two shows together and we quite enjoyed it,” Kapoor said. It looks like with success, Imran’s learnt a thing or two about diplomacy.advertisementlast_img read more

first_imgMonaco coach Henry to test Arsenal resolve for Koscielnyby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveAS Monaco coach Thierry Henry is ready to test Arsenal’s resolve for Laurent Koscielny.With his team in desperate stakes, Henry is going back to the Gunners for reinforcements.Nice-Matin says Henry is eager to tempt Koscielny back to France in January.The Arsenal captain has only just returned to action after suffering an Achilles injury last season – and Henry hopes to convince him about a career swansong at ASM.Koscielny, 33, is tied to Arsenal until 2020. TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

first_imgIowa fans rush court after Michigan State win.iowa fans rush court after msu winIowa knocked off No. 1 Michigan State at Carver-Hawkeye Arena last night, and in celebration, a few hundred Hawkeyes fans rushed the court. But not everyone seems to agree with the move.Immediately following the court rushing, college basketball fans on Twitter started to criticize the decision. Why? Well, Michigan State was playing without its best player – Denzel Valentine. The Hawkeyes were also favored by 2.5 points. Iowa also led the entire game, so it’s not as-if there was a ton of drama involved.Iowa fans rush the court when we beat a team ranked higher than us unlike state pic.twitter.com/Ct8vArEvT7— nate (@Marky_Marks19) December 30, 2015This sucks because you know that Iowa knows Valentine isn’t playing and they are still gonna rush the court— Logan VanDeWostine (@lvandy7) December 30, 2015I hope Iowa fans rush the court against a team missing the national player of the year.— AustinCSmith TOC (@acsmith06) December 30, 2015You can’t chant “overrated” to a team and then rush the court when you beat them lol but regardless I’m glad Iowa won— Sarah♓️ (@heyyysarahhh) December 30, 2015Good for Iowa beating undefeated #1 but have enough respect to not rush the court against a conference opponent. You’re better than that.— David Wheatley (@david_wheatley) December 30, 2015Silly Iowa fans, rush the floor after winning a game you were favored to win!— Rick Holmes (@spartyholmes) December 30, 2015Way to rush the floor Iowa… You beat the #1 team in the country, at home, without their best player. Idiots…— Chris Thomas (@wtpartners) December 30, 2015Iowa fans…. Chant “overrated”, then rush the floor after beating a team without the National POY. Classic #Hawkeyes.— Jeff Greene (@GMachine7) December 30, 2015Sorry, Iowa. That is the most lame student rush to the court I’ve ever seen.— DP (@sports_and_ads) December 30, 2015If you really just beat an “overrated” team, why rush the court? Do better Iowa, do better… #MSU— Craig Janes (@Craig_Janes) December 30, 2015What do you think? Should Iowa fans have rushed?last_img read more