first_imgRich people sometimes don’t realize how demeaning some of their requests can be. For instance, asking one of your favorite actors to marry you seems reasonable enough at the right price, right? How about asking them to do so in a silly costume? Of course you wouldn’t that, because you’re not an idiot and would realize that asking a stranger to dress up just for your pleasure is one step away from asking them to be your personal jester.Sometimes that’s not clear.Case in point, Sean Parker, Napster founder and Facebook billionaire, who famously wed singer Alexandra Lenas in 2013. Why famously? The 300-person wedding reportedly cost over $10 million and was Lord of the Rings-themed. Now we don’t mean they had a little cake with the fellowship on it and some Gollum balloons. They hired Ngila Dickson, the designer from the trilogy, to design the wardrobe for each of the 300 guests. It’s probably not that much of an expense for the billionaire, but it’s now been said that he wanted even more.via WikimediaReports are coming in that state Sir Ian McKellen was offered one million pounds to attend the wedding… dressed up as Gandalf…. to officiate. Seriously.Sir Ian being, y’know, a LORD, and generally not a douchebag, decided against it.“I was offered one-and- a-half million dollars to marry a very famous couple in California, which I would perhaps have considered doing but I had to go dressed as Gandalf,” said McKellen. “So I said, ‘I am sorry, Gandalf doesn’t do weddings.’”Now Sir Ian did conduct the wedding of his best bud Sir Patrick Stewart and his fiancee Sunny Ozell, but he didn’t have to wear a wig and robe for that role, although who knows what kind of pipe weed he might have smoked.McKellen says he never knew who made the offer, just that the person was very rich. Good for him for having standards, although one wonders if any other actors were approached for Parker’s wedding. There are certainly a few more Lord of the Rings actors you could see officiating at a wedding, although it would certainly change the whole tone if say, Sean Bean were to do it.last_img read more