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first_img Concern about investigative reporter’s disappearance in Serbia June 29, 2020 Find out more News RSF_en Organisation News to go further News August 18, 2017 Find out more Help by sharing this information Follow the news on Kosovo Interview of Halil Matoshicenter_img News Receive email alerts Reporters Without Borders : How do you evaluate the press release of the war veterans’ association?Halil Matoshi : Their reaction I see as a direct reaction of the outgoing government or Prime Minister Hashim Thaci himself, who is very close to Mr. Xhemajli, the head of the war veteran’s association. So, the press release is an extra-reaction of the government, which uses some mechanisms – in this case the association to which everybody here is sensitive because of the freedom war — as opinion maker to make statements against those who think differently from the government. It proves that you can expect everything to happen in Kosovo except for the freedom of press and free speech. I and my colleagues have been alarming for long time that there is no such a thing in Kosovo as the freedom of speech and free speech.Reporters Without Borders : What is the impact of such statements as the war veterans’ press release directed against you ?Halil Matoshi : They are creating an impression that everyone who keeps a different position towards the power or government or structures that emerged from the war is a traitor, is “with the Serbs” or taking the side of Kosovo’s enemies. It crushes to an embryonic level every tendency for a debate in the society. It aims at crushing to the ground every opportunity to express your self freely in the public.Reporters Without Borders : All recent reports of international watchdogs as well as of official international institutions in charge to follow the developments in Kosovo note that the freedom of press is endangered ?Halil Matoshi : From this point of view, Kosovo is ranged amongst the most dictatorial countries of the world. But this same world, because of political stability is defending the current political establishment, which has no a clue what is democracy, free speech and other civic rights.Reporters Without Borders : Do the media in Kosovo have a capacity to defend themselves from exposing censure on them ?Halil Matoshi : The last December election and degradation that happened with the will of people proved that Kosovars still can not by themselves inaugurate a truly democratic society without a strong support of the international community. As it is the situation now we have a very little number of the media that applies the criteria of an independent journalism and independent editorial policy. The majority of them are being controlled by the government itself, in particular the public TV broadcaster. They are hanger-on and strong propagators of the current government. KosovoEurope – Central Asia Nearly half of UN member countries have obstructed coronavirus coverage Reporters Without Borders roundly condemns the particularly aggressive smear campaign that the Kosovo Liberation Army’s Veterans Association has been waging against the respected journalist Halil Matoshi in the last few days.The attacks seem to have been prompted by an article by Matoshi in the daily Koha Ditore on 6 January about the challenges facing Kosovo in 2011, in which he accused certain people of wanting to police a “patriotic anarchy” by claiming the right to distinguish between “good” and “bad” patriots.In a press release the next day, the Veterans Association insinuated that Matoshi was a traitor, describing him as “one of the pieces of trash the occupiers have left us.” The Veterans Association is led by Muharrem Xhemajli, a supporter of the ruling Democratic Party of Kosovo. He also recently accused Albin Kurti, the leader of the opposition party Vetevendosje, of being “pro-Slav.”“We appeal to Prime Minister Thaçi to publicly disown the unacceptable comments by Muharrem Xhemajli’s organization about Halil Matoshi and Koha Ditore,” Reporters Without Borders said. “The guilty silence must end at once. The entire political class has a duty to respond to these indirect but real threats. Accusing him of treachery and questioning his patriotism is tantamount to calling for him to be physically attacked or murdered. This is intolerable. Do we have to wait for a journalist to die before everyone takes a position on such comments?“We urge the authorities to issue an unambiguous condemnation of this exploitation of the concept of patriotism, especially as the aim is to censor the media. The significance of this campaign against journalists and the consequences it could have must not be ignored. The next government must take a clear public position on this subject if it hopes to retain any credibility for the pledges it has repeatedly made and rarely kept to respect press freedom.“We also urge Pieter Feith, the European Union’s special representative in Kosovo, to speak out and to extend his full support to Matoshi and the staff of Koha Ditore. The EU still has decision-making powers in Pristina. It must respond to these nationalistic excesses with firmness and remind the authorities that respect for press freedom is an essential requirement for any possibility of Kosovo joining the EU, even if there is a risk that the authorities could delay their application.”Reporters Without Borders fully supports the staff of Koha Ditore and Matoshi, who is one of Kosovo’s most respected analysts. Accused of terrorism by Belgrade, he was the only Pristina-based journalist to be jailed by the Serb authorities during the NATO bombing raids in 1999. Held for a year in a prison in Serbia, he was only released after strong international pressure. June 14, 2018 Find out more Kosovar investigative journalist assaulted in Pristina January 11, 2011 – Updated on January 20, 2016 No response from government to attacks on respected journalist from one of its allies KosovoEurope – Central Asia last_img read more

first_img 145SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,John Mathes John Mathes is the Director of Brand Strategy at Weber Marketing Group, a strategic branding and marketing consulting agency focused on the financial industries. He’s honed 30 years of … Web: www.webermarketing.com Details If you’re like everyone else in retail banking, you’re probably trying to figure out how to keep your branches relevant and profitable in a traffic-declining environment. It might surprise you that some of the most important items to tackle in your branch evolution have nothing to do with architectural design. To get started, what you really need to do is define the optimal business model for your organization and your markets. There are many, many factors that will influence your model, but here are five candidates for you to consider as you begin your journey.(1) Transaction ManagementAs transactions continue to migrate to mobile, P2P, smarter ATMs and other digitally based devices, you have to come to terms with how you will handle basic teller transactions in the most efficient manner. This is not a “bad thing” as your cost per transaction will reduce significantly compared to a human interaction. But before you go eliminating all your teller positions, the most important influence in this decision is the make-up of your member audience and prospects in the geographic area you are trying to serve. Education, income, lifestyles and even other retailers influence behavior. You need to find the transaction-handling balance that’s most relevant and convenient for your members and the way they chose to bank.(2) Evolving Staff RolesStaffing levels and staff roles are a critical component in the design effectiveness and focus of your model. Shrinking footprints and declining transactions suggest both a reduction in full time positions as well as a skillset evolution for the remaining roles. Handling money proficiently is not the priority anymore, particularly in light of all the cash recyclers and dispensers that are available. People skills, conversationalists, digital savvy and other relationship management traits should drive today’s hiring. Note I didn’t use the term universal banker that gets bandied about as it oversimplifies a more complex skill set.(3) Branded EnvironmentThe branch represents your single best opportunity to differentiate your brand. Your brand experience should come to life in the space via a tangible manifestation of the emotional connections and drivers that define your brand personality and style. Consumers control today’s marketing and the best way to connect with them is via storytelling. The branch is a built-in canvas for rich storytelling. Your heritage, philosophical drivers, community outreach, and yes, products and benefits should be prominent and engaging for maximum effect. Don’t restrict your thinking and design to printed posters and counter cards. Today’s branch merchandising is robust, multidimensional and balanced between digital, paper-based and environmental casework. (4) Shift to Advisory ServicesHelping is the new selling and when your members need help, many still come into the branch. A recent TD Bank study revealed that 49% of those elusive millenials that everyone is chasing, look to the branch for advice on financial products and services. You want all you members to dwell, explore and engage with your staff and space so that you have the opportunity to deepen the relationship at every turn. A welcoming hospitality based environment focused on advice and information suggests a variety of seating options, semi-private meeting spaces, technology-equipped offices for video teleconferencing and an onsite lobby management system to orchestrate traffic flow and replace the “sign in sheet.” Rows of waiting chairs and coffee service areas are antiquated and better fit the image of the auto lube shop down the street.(5) Technology as a ToolThis is probably the area that is both the least understood and the most underutilized in the quest to transform the branch. It’s not the panacea everyone is seeking to solve the digital divide perception that permeates the retail banking industry. Too many credit unions have chased the newest, shiniest electronic gadgets only to find that their particular member base won’t embrace them, or that they have been configured or located in a manner that isn’t useful. You can’t just place tablets on a counter without a strategy and plan for how they are to be used and managed by staff. If you’re not using them to sell, inform, simplify and speed applications, then you’re merely supplying an electronic toy that’s ignorable because your members most likely have their own device with them. Start with the question, “how can we help them navigate and simplify banking while they are in our branches”?These are some of the first areas to explore as you build your future branch model. There are another five right behind these that can make the difference between “experimenting” and real performance increases. You’ll need to follow a proven best practice process to engage all the stakeholders in your organization in a strategic effort that has nothing to do, at least initially, with architectural design. With millions of dollars in brick and mortar at stake, the effort is best not left to chance or following the lead of others who may not have gone through this process.last_img read more

first_imgEsports clothing company, Ateyo, recently launched with a bang in Los Angeles hosting a number of well-known esports names with a Fortnite-themed party boasting their flagship product, an oversized zip-up hoodie. Ateyo Co-founders, Rachel Feinberg and Breanne Harrison-PollockWe had the chance to sit down with Ateyo’s Co-founders, Rachel Feinberg and Breanne Harrison-Pollock about their entrance into esports and what they hope to bring to the scene that other companies haven’t.Esports Insider: What are your collective backgrounds in both apparel and esports? Rachel Feinberg: We met in design school in New York about 5 years ago and I can’t remember a day I didn’t talk to Breanne.Breanne Harrison-Pollock: I worked with a large designer in Canada right after school and on nights and weekends we would spend time together FaceTiming designs and running a business basically long distance five hours a night. That business became big enough for me to leave my job and move back to New York and work on it full time which was really exciting. Simultaneously around that time we met someone who brought up the idea of esports. We started gaming and talking to anyone we knew that played video games and just spent a lot of time getting to know the space. Rachel: This was about 2.5 years ago and we knew very little about the space. We started taking an hour subway ride basically every Saturday to Queens and going to local gaming cafes, which is still very part of the ecosystem. We just started talking to gamers and learning.ESI: With this vast experience in fashion what made you two want to apply your knowledge of fashion to esports?Rachel: In the beginning it was being at the cafes that had 14 people in them all day.“Now two and a half years later I watch around six to eight hours of Twitch a day”As a designer to have a customer that loves something so much is like a dream come true. We started bringing samples to the gaming cafes and asking people to game with this and let us know what they thought on a really local, small level. What we found that was special was that the people that game online all the time then meet in person, and those are real friendships. That part of esports is what we fell in love with. Now two and a half years later I watch around six to eight hours of Twitch a day.It’s been a really fun space to be in and as a young hard working person the community has been extremely welcoming.Credit: AteyoESI: What do you want to bring to the community that other haven’t?Breanne: From our perspective we really believe that clothing can really make gaming more comfortable when you’re playing for ten hours at a time. “The way clothing was designed 200 years ago, our life has drastically changed and esports and gaming is a big part of that.”We have a lot of development with customers, friends, and people in the industry but I think there’s so much innovation that can be done around that. For example: most clothes aren’t designed to sit, they’re designed to stand in.The way clothing was designed 200 years ago, our life has drastically changed and esports and gaming is a big part of that. What we found is that the product that’s being offered doesn’t really reflect the quality of gameplay. That was exciting for us to go in and really create a product for an engaging, passionate audience. I think there’s great opportunities for collaborations as well. In the short term we don’t see ourselves as a merchandising provider, instead we feel very strongly about building a brand that sits apart from the teams or the leagues.ESI: Women are already underrepresented in esports, especially managing endemic companies. Do you feel as if you’re making waves as female founders in esports?Breanne: We feel really strongly about empowering women and that’s been a message of ours from our past companies.We’re really proud to be women in the space and we think it’s important to highlight that there is a gender diversity issue in esports and gaming. If we can make any kind of impact on that, we’re excited about that, it’s not the main focus of our business but we are conscious of it.Rachel: I think we definitely will be making apparel for women, that’s important to us. We feel strongly about creating a product that’s designed specifically for women.Credit: AteyoESI: Right now you only have one hoodie available, what sneak peak can you give us into what other clothing is planned for the future?Breanne: Because we are LA based we know the summer is coming and it’s heating up so we’re focusing on creating products that address that.Rachel: We have some collaborations that will be coming soon! We’ve had a lot of responses from people asking for different categories that we feel strongly about. We ask that everyone keep the responses coming so that we know what everyone is looking for. This means we can look at making those a reality!last_img read more

first_imgThere’s no correlation between brain size and intelligence, and if anything, brains today have gotten smaller since the days of our Pleistocene ancestors.  That’s the gist of a report on ABC News Australia based on research at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research: “The genes that are thought to have helped humans evolve big brains don’t appear to play any role in how intelligent we are, according to a DNA study.”Paleoanthropologists for decades – yea verily, for over a century – have made brain size the gold standard of evolutionary progress and fitness in humans.  Haeckel and Broca and other early researchers used brain size and head shape to rank humans on intelligence scales, promoting ugly racist eugenics programs.  Cranial capacity is still the primary metric for ranking supposed ancestors with modern man; Carl Sagan spoke glibly about evolution producing upright-walking apes with bigger brains, able to use tools, fire and language, on the upward march to modernity.  This find undercuts all of that.  It weighs in also on position of Homo floresiensis in the family tree.  Without brain size as a measure of evolutionary fitness, what else will the Leakeys and Johansons and Whites of the world do now?    Bigger is not always better.  Most of us would rather have a more compact cell phone or iPod with more features and memory.  Don’t let simplistic assumptions lead your logic astray.(Visited 6 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

first_imgTags:#science#web audrey watters Sad news for astronomy and for alien research, and even worse news if there is in fact intelligent life out there wanting to contact Earth. The SETI Institute, which operates the Allen Telescope Array in northern Californa (made famous in the Jodie Foster film Contact), says that due to government budget cutbacks, it no longer has the funds to maintain its search for extraterrestrial intelligence.The giant field of radio dishes has scanned for signals that might possibly emanate from alien civilizations for almost four years now. But last week, SETI Institute CEO Tom Pierson sent a letter to donors saying that the array was going into “hibernation” because of inadequate government support.The timing couldn’t be worse, SETI scientists tell the San Jose Mercury News. Earlier this year, astronomers said that the Kepler space telescope had found over 1200 possible planets, dozens of which could be suitable in terms of size and temperature to sustain life. “There is a huge irony,” says SETI Director Jill Tartar,” that at a time when we discover so many planets to look at, we don’t have the operating funds to listen.”Funding has never been assured for the program as the search for aliens has often been derided as wasteful. Some private donations have helped support the effort, including money from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who helped raise the funds necessary to build the satellite array. Currently the project is run with support from the National Science Foundation as well as from UC Berkeley, but SETI has found its budget cut at both these federal and state levels.The end – or rather, the hibernation – of the SETI telescope facility doesn’t mean the end of all SETI projects. The organization will continue the setiQuest Explorer, an app that lets citizen scientists volunteer some of their home computer’s processing power to search through data. Those interested in looking at other alien data might also take a peek at a fascinating new dataset from Infochimps: data about 60,000 some-odd UFO sightings. But that’s hardly the same, of course, as scanning the universe for possible signals from alien life-forms.In the meantime, SETI hopes that another agency will help pick up the tab for its operating costs, estimated to run about $5 million over the next two years. Related Posts A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

first_imgTendinitis is inflammation, irritation, and swelling of a tendon, which is the fibrous structure that joins muscle to bone. Tendinitis pain in the knee is located in the front of the knee. The pain gets worse when going up and down stairs or inclines. Tendinitis knee pain can happen in runners, skiers, and cyclists.Review Date:11/9/2012Reviewed By:A.D.A.M. Health Solutions, Ebix, Inc., Editorial Team: David Zieve, MD, MHA, David R. Eltz, Stephanie Slon, and Nissi Wang. Previouly reviewed by Linda J. Vorvick, MD, Medical Director, MEDEX Northwest Division of Physician Assistant Studies, University of Washington, School of Medicine; and C. Benjamin Ma, MD, Assistant Professor, Chief, Sports Medicine and Shoulder Service, UCSF Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery (6/4/2011).last_img read more

first_imgDuke and UNC face off.DURHAM, NC – FEBRUARY 7: A general view of the North Carolina Tar Heels and the Duke University Blue Devils tip off at center court to begin their game on February 7, 2007 at Cameron Indoor Stadium in Durham, North Carolina. North Carolina won 79-73.(Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)Former Duke star J.J. Redick is back in Durham this week, and worked out at the team’s facility yesterday. He’s back out there today, and shooting like he used to do for the Blue Devils, according to the Duke basketball Twitter account. All-time Duke scoring leader @JJRedick shooting 92% unofficially in this workout. The guy can’t miss. #DukeFam pic.twitter.com/qH5Bg6imDZ— Duke Basketball (@dukeblueplanet) September 15, 2015Crazy to think that Redick is entering his 10th NBA season. Time flies.last_img read more

first_imgBournemouth boss Eddie Howe insists that Jermain Defoe’s loan move to Rangers hasn’t been completedAfter just four substitute appearances in the Premier League this season, Defoe looks set to leave Bournemouth for a reported 18-month loan deal.The 36-year-old will link up with former England team-mate Steven Gerrard, who now coaches Rangers in the Scottish Premiership (SPL).But Howe is adamant nothing has been confirmed as the transfer will only go ahead if it’s in Defoe’s best interests.“No deal has been finalised,” said Howe, according to the Express.Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedLiverpool legend Nicol slams Harry Maguire’s Man United form Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Steve Nicol believes Harry Maguire has made some “horrendous mistakes” recently, and has failed to find his best form since joining Manchester United.“So until that moment happens, it would be foolish of me to comment, so let’s wait and see what happens in the next few days.“Any deal which does get agreed will be in the player’s best interest and what the player wants to pursue.“From our side, I have said from day one, I love working with Jermain. The relationship we have had, how professional he has been and for the group of players. As I say, no deal has been finalised, so let’s see what happens.”Defoe has previously played for West Ham, Tottenham, Portsmouth and Sunderland in the Premier League and is the seventh highest scorer in the competition with 162 goals in 496 games.last_img read more

first_imgAccording to Mauro Icardi’s agent and wife, the Argentinean player is not near signing an extension to his Inter Milan contract.There have been some rumors that Internazionale Milan footballer Mauro Icardi might leave the Italian Lega Serie A team.And today his agent and wife Wanda Nara spoke to the press about what his future looks like.“The renewal of Icardi with Inter is very far away today. We are far from reaching an agreement, we have not yet received a satisfactory proposal from Inter”, Nara was quoted by Calcio Mercato.Romelu Lukaku, Inter MilanLukaku backed to beat Ronaldo in Serie A scoring charts Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Former Inter Milan star Andy van der Meyde is confident Romelu Lukaku will outscore Cristiano Ronaldo in this season’s Serie A.“I do not deny that at any moment we can reach an agreement, but today we are very far.”“It is not logical to renew the contract for the amount of money that Mauro already earns. We believe that Mauro deserves more,” she added.“There are very important clubs interested in Mauro, the two most important clubs in Spain, with whom we have excellent relationships, plus an English and a French team”.last_img read more