first_imgIS IT TRUE that State Representative Tom Washburn lives in the 47720 zip code area and uses post office box located within a post office in the 47725 zip code area?  … his campaign uses a post office  box with the 47618 zip code which is for Inglefield Indiana a neighborhood within the northeastern part of Darmstadt?   …we wonder why does Mr Washburn do that?IS IT TRUE that it was reported by Courier and Press political writer Tom Langhorne that Vanderburgh County Commissioners candidate Alex Schmitt has been repeatedly late in paying his county property taxes in recent years?IS IT TRUE Schmitt claims that his late property tax payments was caused by “missed communications” between him, his homeowners insurance company and the bank that financed his home loan?IS IT TRUE it has been reported y the Courier and Press that Mr. Schmitt also has at least seven debt collection actions filed against him since 2013 because of medical bills?IS IT TRUE his opponent Cheryl Musgrave, believes that Mr. Schmitt’s financial issues problems question his readiness to serve in elected office at this time?IS IT TRUE we are disappointed that Mayor Winnecke hand picked candidate for the Vanderburgh County Commission Alex Schmitt has deemed it necessary to get personal and insulting towards Mrs. Musgrave? …his statement that Mrs. Musgrave was forced to leave her position as the CEO of Keep Evansville Beautiful was totally inaccurate?   …we are pleased that Mr. Schmitt retracted this statement and admitted he was wrong?IS IT TRUE we are pleased that Mr. Schmitt admitted that he got his information that  Musgrave’s was forced to resign her position from Keep Evansville Beautiful came from  the Mayors Chief of Staff. Steve Schaefer?  …all we can say about Mr. Schaefer libel remarks towards Mrs. Musgrave is that this is a prime example why he is considered to be Mayor Winnecke’s biggest political liability?IS IT TRUE Mr. Schmitt’s statement that’s Cheryl Musgrave was petty, rude, and insulting was a low blow?  …he should had said; Mrs. Musgrave is headstrong, very bright, aggressive, opinionated, honest and caring, extremely knowledgable about government, has integrity and far from being perfect?IS IT TRUE our most recent “Readers Poll” question was: Do you feel that the Vanderburgh County GOP Chairman Wayne Parke should publicly endorse candidates running in the Republican primary?   …we had a whooping 464 people voting in this poll?  …376 voted “NO”,  50 people voted “YES” and 38 people said they have “NO IDEA”? IS IT TRUE we are hearing that the ranks and file members of the local trade unions are splitting their votes between Brandon Lee Ferguson and Ryan Hatfield who are running for Indiana House District 77 seat?  …we have confirmed that State Representative Gail Riecken has broken her promise that she will remain natural in the Democratic primary election?  …it’s a well known fact that when a lame duck politician gets involved in a primary battle more than not it hurts the person they support?FOOTNOTE: todays “Readers Poll” question is: Do you feel that County Commission candidate Alex Schmitt personal financial problems question his readiness to serve in elected office?Copyright 2015 City County Observer. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more