first_imgOver the years, though rarely, software developers have taken amusing measures to prevent piracy. The Secret of Monkey Island required you to match up pirate faces on a real-life wheel as a form of DRM, and Serious Sam 3 deployed an invincible, very fast pink scorpion in the game to constantly pester and damage the player. Now, if you pirate Tweetbot, you’ll be subject to another amusing form of punishment.The client doesn’t lock you out in some way, but instead makes tweeting pretty obnoxious. Early reports stated the program will force you to tweet a message saying that you pirated the app, and like it so much that you’re going to buy a copy, as seen below.However, Tapbots, the developer of Tweetbot, stated that the app doesn’t force you to tweet the message, but instead autofills the tweet composition box with the message, and users are free to delete the message before they tweet something.Tapbot had a reason for including an extra piracy deterrent: Twitter has a cap on the number of users a third party Twitter client is allowed, so people pirating the program are not only taking money away from the developer, but removing future legit customers by filling up their potential slots. However, it seems odd that people would post the message to Twitter even though Tapbots states that the pirates can simply delete the message before they send a tweet. Tapbots doesn’t know why users would opt to send the message anyway, but the company has offered up a likely suggestion: stupidity.So, while you should probably pay for a product that you regularly use and enjoy in the first place, if you don’t, you should keep in mind that just because a version is cracked doesn’t mean all of the anti-piracy measures are removed. They also might be hilarious.last_img read more