first_imgUniversity student Bryan Henderson thought he was pretty lucky when he unlocked the top prize in Peter Molyneux’s experimental online game Curiosity – What’s Inside the Cube? He was supposed to get a cut of revenue from Molyneux’s free-to-play game Godus, and also take on the role of “god of gods” for the in-game universe. None of that ever happened, but now a company called Bulletproof Bit wants to make it right.Bulletproof Bit is planning a game bundle to go live in late February, and 10% of what it takes in will go to Henderson. In return, the company is using his story to promote the so-called “Forgotten God GameBundle.” The titles haven’t been announced, but it will include at least one that has previously won game of the year awards and another that has never been bundled before. The total bundle will consist of eight games that will be unlocked in tiers as you pay more, sort of like the Humble Bundle.As for Godus, the launch and ongoing development of this game has not gone as planned. That might have something to do with Henderson never getting his prize. The free-to-play game elements ended up being extremely harsh and gameplay was tedious without paying substantial cash. It just wasn’t balanced very well.The game’s poor performance has led developer 22cans to reduce its staff and give up on some of the features promised in the original Kickstarter campaign like multiplayer and additional interactive elements. So, even if 22cans wanted to make good on its promise to Henderson, it seems like they don’t have the funds. Bulletproof Bit hopes to raise $10,000 for Henderson when its game bundle goes live on February 26.last_img read more