first_imgA medical team attached to one of China’s health institutions, Yancheng Third People’s Hospital, on Friday visited the Linden Hospital Complex (LHC) in Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice).Members of the team touring the Linden Hospital ComplexThey met with the hospital’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr Farouk Riyasat, as well as doctors, department heads, and other health officials in an effort to have an understanding of the environment in which doctors attached to the LHC are living and working. The team also conducted a comprehensive tour of the various departments of the hospital.Leading the Chinese team of professionals was Vice President of the Chinese hospital, Dr Tan Junyuan, who was accompanied by Director of Health Reform and Development, Department of Yancheng Health and Fitness Commission, Dr Tang Xiaojun; and Vice Director of Administrative Office of the hospital, Dr Wu Lihua. The LHC presently hosts a medical team which originated from the Chinese hospital.The LHC CEO, at an official welcoming ceremony hosted at the hospital, expressed gratitude to the team for its continued support over the past 20 years.During the tour of the Linden hospital, Public Relations Officer (PRO) Toshanna Allicock noted that the LHC is pleased to host the team of medical professionals, and she pointed to various collaborations over the years.“In addition to sending a team of doctors every year, we also receive donations in the millions of dollars at the end of each year, and we have benefited greatly from those donations. One of the greatest contributions of the Chinese Medical Team is that they have allowed us to do laparoscopic surgery, and they’re the only set of doctors at this hospital who do laparoscopic surgery. So, because of them, we’re able to offer that surgery to the people of Region 10.“This is one of the few hospitals in Guyana that (do) laparoscopic surgeries,” Allicock noted.She said the Chinese doctors attached to the LHC who are consultants also continuously train the local hospital staff.Presently, the LHC is benefiting from the work of the 14th Chinese Medical Brigade to Guyana. The 15th brigade is expected to soon replace this one.last_img read more