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Xining city district recently awarded Xiong Zhongbang, Ma Shengxiu and other 11 comrades in the city of outstanding practical talents, the honorary title, awarded the city Bureau of education, "advanced unit of talent" honorary title.

in recent years, the City District of Xining city to create "everyone can be talent, everyone maximize their talents and talents" work atmosphere, has invited Zhenjiang City Jingkou District Four pailou Street secretary, "big things" author Wang Li, provincial propaganda group experts in the area of Suzhou agriculture and active pass precious knowledge to others, the Cadre College of Peking University Beijing Youth Politics College, Shanghai, the prospect of college and many other cutting-edge training institutions to establish a cooperative relationship, promote the talent education and training in the high-end training class. For the first time this year at the Peking University successfully held the leading cadres to enhance the ability of senior seminar, Shanghai Institute for the prospect of leveraging the education system to China western talent development foundation to aid the Queen’s Ark campus safety project ", has become one of the counties of our province and the only western talent development foundation training relationship. (author: Su Zhanlin Jianping)
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the morning of October 13th, North Zone Technology Fumin County special action plan project launch ceremony was held in Qinghai Hui Tian planting base. Provincial Science and Technology Department, municipal science and Technology Bureau, the district government leaders and relevant members of the unit, the project implementation unit leaders and officials attended the launching ceremony.

Since 2008,

approved the national science and technology Fumin County special action plan "construction" integrated technology integrated agriculture related technology products of suburban and industrial base project, through three years of implementation, acceptance of the project performance evaluation of outstanding achievements, in September this year, continued approval of the follow-up to the central special funds. In the "National Science and technology Fumin County special action program" to start the ceremony, I board with the project implementation unit signed a project contract, the task decomposition to specific implementation units, each unit in accordance with the contract requirements conscientiously fulfill, to ensure the successful completion of construction tasks. read more

in November 18th, the province’s first rural bank’s first branch – the country bank of Changning branch of the State Bank opened. Datong in
the listing of the opening of Changning branch is the first branch of Datong village banks set up to open the country, but also CDB series of fifth village banks branch. Changning branch marks the opening of the country’s banks to open the country’s banks to break the constraints of the development of a single operating network, expanding the coverage of financial services, agriculture, rural areas, enhance service capabilities. It not only widens the rural banking services "three rural" areas of the channel, but also in the "agriculture support small" on the development of the road opened a page. read more

March 16th, Datong County, 2014 key investment projects – the Yellow River small and micro enterprises entrepreneurial base signing ceremony was held. This marks the the Yellow River industrial group invested 900 million yuan for the majority of small and micro enterprises to create entrepreneurial dream factory eventually settled in Datong County, Beichuan industrial park.

in recent years, the city firmly establish the big investment, recruit big business concept, further improve the level of opening up, to further increase investment, innovative investment model, to improve the system, improve the service, to create a new situation of investment. Datong County, as an important industrial base in Xining, location, resources, industry, transportation and other obvious advantages, is becoming a hot spot for investment and investment. Municipal Committee, vice mayor Zhang Dongqiang pointed out in his speech, the Yellow River Small and micro businesses entrepreneurial base project will strengthen and regulate the Datong County and the city’s Small and micro businesses development, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, accelerate the process of new industrialization, have a positive role in promoting. read more

Through the shape of an open book door, greet reporters eyes is to have the largest area, the largest investment and new design ideas, the first public boarding "and other titles, Zongzhai Chengzhong District boarding primary school. The first phase of the project will be officially put into use in March next year, a total of 818 children will be moved to the new town, new school, began to learn a new life happy and comfortable.

October 16th, the reporter walked into the village of boarding primary school four storey teaching building, immediately by the water, wood, Qing, Hua different decoration style open reading area and corridor decoration attracted. Into the classroom, and then immediately by the indoor fresh blue intoxicated, as if people stay in a sea of knowledge. read more

In December 4th, the province’s first science exhibitions and exchanges — probing the practice of Chengdong District of Xining science quality class and students’ learning exhibition and exchange activities held in Dongguan Hui women’s primary school, "brains, think"; show students produced science fiction painting, works of science and technology; the school of Science teachers teaching exchange small lectures, so come to to observe the area, the school greatly.It is reported that read more

for the business sector is in the special period of the reform of food safety regulatory functions, Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau continue to strengthen market supervision of food, the holiday and weekend duty inspection system to ensure that the transition stage of food safety supervision is not weakened, continue to stall, no regulatory blind and dead, to ensure the continuity and stability of the work.

to do the source can be checked, the Xining Municipal Industrial and commercial system for all food operators all the implementation of the cable card system, purchase inspection, purchase and sale accounts, substandard food delisting system. The implementation of the registration system for all shop in front of food processing business, product name, quantity, production date, shelf life, etc. detailed records in the food label on the card, in order to prevent substandard food into the market. The first half of this year, has launched the "new year", "Spring Festival", "51" holiday market and children’s food, meat products, halal food, dairy products and other special rectification, the inspection of food stores and food 25 thousand and 300 times, 230 cases, a total value of 121 thousand and 600 yuan, collect fines 748 thousand and 400 yuan. "Baby" alters the production date seized 106 boxes of tea, meat products do not meet the "food safety law" regulation of the 394 tea box, cannot provide the relevant documents of the 2445 kg, there is the problem of "jinchongcao" 283 bags, 86 households on the invoice system to implement non-standard business households in order rectification the 47 super scope food businesses shall handle the registration of change. On the occasion of the opening, to the city’s various schools surrounding the food stores were examined to check around the campus food business households 4561, clearing 8 unlicensed businesses, and selling expired, "three noes" of the food case 16, seized 1091 expired, "three noes" of the food bag (bottle), and the 7 business super dairy products the scope of business shall handle the registration of change, to further ensure the safety of food consumption of students. read more

The flood season, summer is approaching, in recent days, the province around the primary school middle school have holidays, around mid July will have a holiday, students went to the season of high incidence of accidents, to ensure the safety of pupils, in July 5th, the Provincial Department of Education issued a "emergency notice on the safety of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens".

– do not take the car around the dangerous summer vacation: education departments and schools before the holidays to increase traffic safety education for students, and enhance students’ awareness of traffic safety; before the holiday, to remind parents to pay attention to traffic safety of students leave the car, do not hire, hire warned parents not registered for the record, there are security risks. The transport of children, prevention of traffic accidents. read more

Sanlu milk powder incident to the local dairy companies have an impact? With this question, in September 14th, the reporter interviewed a number of dairy enterprises in Xining. The main products interviewed by several companies are liquid milk, product sales have not been affected.

Qinghai Lake Dairy Co., Ltd. technical quality control department official told reporters that they are from the source to grasp the quality of products, milk is from a large dairy farms in Lanzhou. Quality and technical supervision departments have been on a regular or irregular sampling, if you feel that the quality of the product is not assured that they will take the initiative to submit. September 13th, the quality supervision departments just sampling their products, and now is waiting for the test results. Tianlu dairy responsible person also said that sales were not affected. They use mechanized milking, daily production of products to be tested, from production to testing are carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state. In addition to quality supervision departments sampling, they will be submitted once a month. read more

for the further implementation of the strategy of giving priority to employment and a more active employment policy, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau based on the industrial and commercial administrative functions, take various preferential measures to reduce the threshold of market access, vigorously promote entrepreneurship.

specific work, to promote the development of non-public economy, formulated the "opinions" to promote the implementation of the non-public sector of the economy to accelerate the development of the relaxed audit conditions, free private enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households registration fees, improve the system within limited, to provide quality services and other measures to further reduce business costs, encourage entrepreneurship to actively participate in employment; public employment and personnel services, organized 54 enterprises to participate in the labor department held in the central square of the spring large recruitment, participating companies provide employment positions 765, 151 people hiring intentions. At the same time, enterprises and colleges and universities to actively organize the supply and demand meet special recruitment. In the unified deployment of the province Industrial and Commercial Bureau under the mobilization of 210 companies, with business management, suitable for university graduates in accounting, secretarial, technicians and nearly 40 jobs 2461 jobs, 7400 graduates are invited to Qinghai Nationalities University, Qinghai Normal University, Career Academy and other 11 universities of Qinghai traffic colleges and occupation school, held the college graduates and private enterprises to meet the supply and demand of special recruitment. The scene was intended to employ 1380 people, the formal employment of 181 people, the implementation of broker training, strengthen the supervision of intermediary organizations. In conjunction with the municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau jointly carry out labor brokers organization training, guidance and supervision of accreditation service examination for training qualified brokers free "occupation qualification certificate", to further strengthen the labor brokers management services, efforts to promote labor brokers to boost employment. (author: Wang Yan)
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