with the fierce competition in the market shows that SMEs in order to survive in such a market environment, it is necessary to attach importance to their brand image. Compared to large enterprises, not too much media PR do product promotion and brand promotion, so how to carry out brand building? Hefei website articles Rui technology www.web0551.com.cn can make reasonable use of the small site utility cost advantage – website construction of the Internet to reflect.

1. Market segmentation and product refinement of SME websites

considering the customers base now use the Internet is quite large, many customers love the name of the business enterprise to find the input number and address and other information on the website, if customers or visitors access to the real business, if found no enterprise website or website is too simple, not professional, so enterprise how to brand image talk about? With Rui technology that small and medium-sized enterprises do not need to do a large business website of large, sophisticated own specialty products exhibition and promotion, do a good job in their own unique qualities will be more conducive to increase the degree of attention and promotion of the website traffic.

Target customer group analysis of

two and SME websites

enterprises should consider more websites, audience groups, and then design website functions, procedures, databases and so on. Common enterprise website access groups for direct users, distributors, equipment and raw materials suppliers, competitors, etc.. The first two groups are mostly the existing and potential users of the company, and the content of the website should be focused on. As for suppliers, in addition to those with B, TO, B functions of integrated e-commerce sites, most of the information publishing based enterprise websites rarely search, so it is not the focus of the object. As for competitors, the purpose of the visit is usually to understand your new trends in the enterprise, or the level of web design and function settings, to see if there is any place worth learning from.

three, the first impression of a visitor to the SME website

says this, and Rui believes that the first impressions of customer access can be taken from three.

1) access speed is fast, fast, will not be delayed;

2) is the website color and layout style consistent with the corporate image (Logo);

3) the content of the page is updated, timely and effective, the picture text is true, content planning is detailed, slightly reasonable;

these three points for improving user experience is very necessary.

four, SME website CRM customer relationship management

keeps customers on site and continues to visit the web site, and looks at intelligence information about the site because it’s authoritative and professional