May 1st, according to insiders, I love India (net love before India network officially opened before the old domain name, the domain name, includes all two domain names are 301 redirect processing. The opening of the new domain name in the "May Day holiday" low-key, this sign love printing network is stepping into the road of mature development, showing its shaping image, create brand and highlight the personalized custom strategy.

is happy to hold on and develop


I love Indian network formerly known as love India, just two years time, a website developed into today a professional wedding invitation online custom wedding invitations, including personality, personality posters, comprehensive professional customization platform personalized signature axis online customization, thanks to their "life. The concept of service life and has always been low-key and pragmatic style. It is worth mentioning that, they also use two level domain to establish a personality for love DIY friends online communication entertainment "love India circle", and tens of thousands of online customer instant communication, to enhance the user experience, the site responsible person said. This also to some extent shows that I love India, pay more attention to user interaction and communication. When asked if I love India network in the process of development will go to financing, when the commercial development of the road, the person in charge said: "after the new domain name enabled, we will be in the rich templates, professional design, warm service, put more effort, we will not blindly expand, I love is happy to keep the Indian network for more than two years, we do not care to adhere to 2 years, 3 years".

has no intention of "Shanzhai" others, but also not afraid of being "cottage"

when asked why people will choose the site for the domain name and website will be renamed "I love India", this time, are not considered to be a well-known Web site is the copycat version he said: "the choice of the domain name and the name was changed to" I love India ", can more clearly reflect our position site. We have no intention of "copycat" anyone, just like people and people, although sometimes will duplicate names, but everyone will have their own unique personality, similarly, various versions of the custom network a lot, but we have our own unique festive atmosphere and cultural heritage, the name of the website you can go to the clone, but cultural heritage you can’t always copycat". The person in charge also said that the site is currently enabled.Com domain name, but does not rule out the possibility of future recovery of.Cn and a series of domain names, in addition, he did not disclose the transaction price of domain names.


listen to some webmaster friends reflect, with the popularization of site technology, the site of the lower threshold, 06 years, all kinds of websites have sprung up, emerge in endlessly, 07 years of new web site, the number is to reach the peak. The website is so many, the competition is so hot, how to stand up and stand out in the fierce competition, "I love India seems to give me >"