In the new era of

, female entrepreneurs are facing unprecedented opportunities. In the northwest region, local women’s entrepreneurship and employment promotion activities have been carried out actively, which encourages women to become an important source of income for the family.


to guide farm women’s employment and entrepreneurship, Xinjiang corps to "China + base + association + nvnengren" mode of operation as the carrier, training a group of entrepreneurial women, support dominated by small and micro enterprises as the industrial base set of training, production and sales as one of the base, combined with the establishment of trade associations, and play capable of leading leading role, leading women entrepreneurs from decentralized to industrialization, scale and market development, concentrated into the market to drive more than ten thousand women multi income.

data show that in recent years, Xinjiang women’s Federation also accumulated for nearly 6 million yuan of funds, for the development of women hand weaving industry special skill training, hand woven base, Industry Association (ICA) construction, the contest, to participate in various exhibitions. In 2014, Xinjiang Corps issued a total small loans 145 million 733 thousand yuan, respectively, and the division for national financial discount 10 million 240 thousand yuan and 27 million 470 thousand yuan, to help 2233 women in employment.