is now the country in order to attract some entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial activities, to provide business office premises and some places have lived for the majority of entrepreneurs, in order to solve some problems encountered during the early entrepreneurs.

main "young, fashion, the trend of" super hive (Beijing Fangshan) Business Apartment upcoming grand opening, this is Tianyang International (00593.HK) and a masterpiece of its Internet technology brands – Super hive. However, this time, Fangshan’s entrepreneurial apartment limelight more prosperous, is attracting more and more investors and home buyers market attention. According to informed sources, only launched a period of less than 300 sets of houses.

The new model

lift apartment

and currently on the market of ordinary residential apartments, super hive (Beijing Fangshan) business apartment is not only the ideal community of young people, is also an ideal platform for young entrepreneurs, at the same time, more representative of Internet plus era and the era of entrepreneurship public living and investment trend, with vigorous vitality.

According to the

now, has been open business apartment model area, the essence of design and function can preview, among them, spend tens of millions of the green area of 20 thousand square meters have been formed, the park is divided into sports area and leisure area, the open-air theater, the ubiquitous music player, do not have the charm of the courtyard. In the future, there will be planning a variety of sports and leisure places, such as the international standard badminton arena, air swimming pool and 90 thousand square meters of street style commercial street, a variety of leisure and entertainment facilities. At the same time, the community will also introduce smart home, then, according to customer needs, can be controlled by the smart home phone.