eating out in the outside to worry about the use of the business is not sanitary waste oil, buy their own cooking oil, but also worried about genetically modified products, it is because of such a consumer concept, there will be the birth of the family oil press. So, the operation of the family oil to make money? Let Xiaobian to meet with you.

these years, in the "drainage oil", "GM oil" can be heard without end of the environment, some domestic businesses aimed at the business, launched the "family of press fresh nutritious natural, no additives, pure physical crushing raw materials, have the safeguard". Although the family press to cater to the consumer psychology, but in many oil industry insiders, the safety of edible oil press does not necessarily guarantee, long-term consumption is not conducive to health, therefore, is not recommended.

sales outlets everywhere

in recent years, people pay more and more attention to the safety of edible oil. "Now the oil on the market is not very good to eat, buy a home oil press their oil is a good choice." Some netizens said.

also friends said, in order to the health of the child, I think the family can use the oil press, because of their own cooking oil, eat at ease.

is taking advantage of this opportunity, a number of regions have been the birth of a number of specialized production of domestic oil companies. With the gradual expansion of these enterprises sales channels, in a number of major cities, a number of home oil pump direct stores, specialty stores, franchisees, etc., such as mushroomed quietly appeared in the streets.

some of the leading concept of white-collar workers, began to treat the family as a friend to visit the gift.

reporter in Henan, Hubei, Wuhan, Sichuan, Chengdu, Anhui and other places, the survey found that these cities have a number of brands of home sales outlets of oil press. Some manufacturing companies and franchisees, is to build this new industry.

however, different from the views of ordinary consumers, the majority of grain and oil industry professionals believe that the use of their own oil at home cooking oil, but to create a concept, in fact, very unreliable".

Heilongjiang grain and oil processing enterprises Xu technology that the person in charge, the security risk home press are more. Oil at home, it is difficult to control the raw materials and processing environment, there is a greater security risk. For example, the storage of raw materials and equipment cleaning, if there is no professional knowledge background, these links are prone to problems."

"not so good"

network has repeatedly exposed the negative news of the relevant brand home oil press