for a business man, a good sales skills can bring you a higher profit. We need to make the appropriate response when we encounter unreasonable requests from customers, only in this way can you make a profit. How to bargain with customers? Xiaobian for your weapon:

1, in a positive way to reject

"Zhangjingli, your price is a bit too that you see is not….." this low bid rejected customers of eloquence is not a denial of negation in discourse, but the customer understood it, don’t say it directly, so that customers avoid embarrassment, will not think you to the very abrupt. In this way, the affirmative sentence contains a negative meaning, that is, customer requirements are not clear, it is not easy to hurt the self-esteem of the customer, and easy for customers to accept, so that the negotiations can proceed smoothly.

2, permission to limit the client

3, the benefits of compensation to deny customers