recently, a headline news touched the hearts of many people, but also to allow more people to recognize the impact of the heavy rainfall in the southern city is so big. In the news, a group of pig breeder and 6000 pigs in the flood tearful farewell pictures in various social media was crazy turn. Although the 6000 "red pig net" has been rescued, but more farms also face flooding. This is located in Anhui, the farm is the impact of floods this year on the southern region of agriculture and animal husbandry.

for a long time, the southern region is the main producing areas of rice, rape, sugar cane, is an important area of pig, freshwater fish breeding, the flood disaster in the southern region of agriculture and animal husbandry caused a greater impact.

daily economic news reporter learned that the recent floods caused by insufficient supply of pork and vegetables, so that prices rose slightly. Insiders believe that the adjustment of the pig industry will make the negative impact of flooding will not continue, the impact of the southern floods will gradually be diluted.

retail Pig Farms greater pressure

a large drought, floods, a line, along the Yangtze River, the number of pig farms will be affected by floods." Is the Jiangxi Poyang Lake investigation China pig early warning network chief analyst Feng Yonghui told the "daily economic news" reporter said, Chinese national Swine Industry Association CAAA is affected farm data collection, it is not clear specific disaster situation, at present, the city along the Yangtze River Farm disaster is more serious.

large-scale pig farms affected by the flood is small, retail pigs severely affected." Www agricultural analyst Zhang Lili said that due to the size of the pig farm location better, and the disaster prevention system experience, after the flood there are emergency measures, therefore is not affected by the floods, but most of the small retail farms will suffer heavy losses.

It is worth mentioning that

, China’s large-scale pig farms and retail Pig Farms larger proportion. According to Zhang Lili, if the annual slaughter capacity of 300 head above the large-scale pig farms, while large-scale pig farm proportion reached 70%; if the annual slaughter capacity in the industry is more recognition of the 6000 head count more than the large-scale pig farms, the scale is less than 50%. Therefore, in accordance with this proportion, retail pig farms are more common and serious.

Feng Yonghui believes that the real flood and drowned in the pig is not much, the biggest threat to the pig industry is from the post disaster. Because the pig epidemic is closely related to feces and urine, the spread of bacteria around the water after the flood, the outbreak of infectious diseases will increase the probability of a large number of pigs.

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