entrepreneurship difficult, entrepreneurial trouble, as more and more people to join the venture in the brigade, encountered a lot of trouble, encountered many problems, to be solved. From this point of view, the emergence of entrepreneurial services, the new darling of the market!

for an entrepreneur, capital, experience, contacts are the challenges they face, and in the first national independent innovation demonstration zone in Beijing Zhongguancun, a growing number of Internet entrepreneurs found that the past is difficult, easy, maybe a cup of coffee will be able to solve the problem.

and not far away in the garage coffee, a 3W coffee shops filled with young entrepreneurs, similarly, every Thursday afternoon coffee, they have the opportunity to communicate with each other and the famous investor.

in our interview, a entrepreneurs and investors to negotiate financing intention.

emerged in Zhongguancun’s more than and 100 business services, not only to finance as the main purpose of social networking venture capital circle, there is a private non profit incubator Ivy for entrepreneurial enterprises involved in all aspects of the service business park, not only focus on early stage investment, and provide business, technology and market human, such as full-service business platform – "innovation factory", and through the science and technology magazine and electronic books help Internet entrepreneurs realize the dream of entrepreneurship —36 krypton, not only serve the Chinese commercial elite entrepreneurs and public welfare organizations, and the famous Yajie chamber of Commerce, angel investors spontaneously organized, reliable make money the angel will find reliable project.