On April 5th -11, the provincial people’s Congress esch Committee of the special investigation group of Xining city went to Sea East Ping District, Ledu District, Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Delingha City, Ulan County, the province’s food safety work to carry out the implementation of special investigations.

  in July 2015, the twelve session of the Standing Committee of the twentieth meeting heard and considered the provincial people’s Government of the province to implement the "food and drug safety responsibility work report", with consideration of food workshops and food vendors engaged in food business activities of supervision work of the thematic inquiry. In May this year, the provincial people’s Congress will listen to and consider the provincial government for the implementation of the views of the provincial people’s Congress and the topic of inquiry should be asked to deal with the situation of the special work report, and satisfaction assessment. In order to strengthen the tracking effect, according to the provincial people’s Congress in 2016 to monitor the work plan, the provincial people’s Congress, UNESCO organized the survey.

during the investigation, the research group listened to the report on the work of the local county government and relevant departments, held a forum on the part of the farmers market, planting and breeding bases, tableware Disinfection Company, food production and processing enterprises, supermarkets were examined. For a comprehensive understanding of the province’s implementation of food and drug safety responsibility to implement the overall situation in the research discussion meeting held in April 11th, the group members listened to the relevant departments of the provincial people’s Government of the province to implement a special report on the work of the food and drug safety responsibility.

Research Group believes that the provincial government and local governments at all levels attach great importance to the work of food safety, conscientiously perform their supervisory responsibilities, objectives, measures and actions in three aspects to achieve a "fast", "quasi", "good". In less than a year, has done a lot of work, efforts to improve the technical support, strengthen management, improve the efficiency of supervision innovation, and constantly improve the level of supervision in accordance with the law, effectively promote the implementation of the measures, has achieved results.

research group pointed out that to further the formation of effective supervision system, strengthening of law enforcement and inspection ability construction, give full play to the supporting role of advanced technology in food safety supervision, supervision according to law and further increase publicity and education efforts, strengthen self-discipline of industry associations, improve the level of honesty, promote social cohabitation, to let people eat safe.