Lanzhou Xinjiang high iron and Xining Railway Station reconstruction and related engineering at the end of this year is expected to be completed and put into use, dungog railway construction, railway grid library construction has been put on the agenda, the West Railway, the railway grid was included in the national "long-term railway network planning". With the advent of high-speed rail era, and gradually build a railway construction project in Qinghai to the East, a single history will be broken, Qinghai is gradually becoming a connecting Eastern and western regions of China, southwest and northwest, and the mainland border traffic hub. This is the reporter learned from the Qinghai Tibet railway company before the day.
key project: a new high-speed LAN
two dungog railway connects Dunhuang dungog railway and Golmud railway. The line starting point for the Dunhuang railway station to DunHuang Railway Station, end point and Yinma gap, connecting line to the Golmud Railway Station, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Gansu is the communication, the four areas of Tibet and one of the most convenient channel, connecting the Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway and Qinghai Tibet railway route two. The new line length of 509.02 kilometers, of which 235.6 km Qinghai Province, Yinma gap to Golmud, using the existing Seager tier 152.2 km. October 18, 2012 started construction, the current earthwork has been completed, completed 93% of the bridge, the tunnel project is completed by the end of 78%.
key project three:
key project four: West Railway and;