"second left side of the crooked, re adjust!" In October 11th, along the Sea Ping Xi freeway East, crane plant poplar from the truck lift, smoothly placed along the highway pits, commanding officers and garden workers are busy and orderly planting seedlings. As the guests sent inside and outside the province and opening the city exchange window, the airport along the green landscape is not only related to the whole highway landscape effect, but also related to the image of a city. In order to change the Pingxi expressway along the perimeter of the environment, building green ecological xiadou image, starting in late 7, the provincial forestry department to carry out the comprehensive improvement of the green landscape Pingxi high-speed channel. Start date, has been basically completed Pingxi Expressway Xining section of 13 km total of 3000 seedlings greening tasks, is expected in May next year, the airport will be turned into a high speed along the "green corridor".

tree lined to replace the clutter billboard

"Hey, on both sides of the road before the billboard how suddenly a lot less?" Even Japan, a lot of airport bus driver and passenger business people can not help but have this question. Over the years, the high-speed dense huge billboards is dazzling, became the first foreign guests to the Xining characteristic landscape". Careful people found that I do not know when the number of billboards suddenly reduced, replaced by a large green surrounded by trees, poplar, pine, flower shrubs constitute a landscape with Qinghai regional characteristics. In order to make the airport high-speed scenery more beautiful, from July to August, the relevant departments in the Pingxi expressway, 109 National highway along the gorge dismantling outdoor billboards Luandaluanjian 100, the forestry department in Chaoyang toll station to caojiabao airport along the highway is planned afforestation area is 350 hectares, through large-scale renovation of the airport expressway, Xining some have achieved big change, ecological entrance a 13 km long green corridor as a city, with a number of scenic spots matched solid angle. In the future, Qinghai is not the first to see the chaos, but surrounded by trees, clear water around the city, Beishan green, surrounded by two mountains of Xining city profile.

ecological spindle to promote urban green index

9 in the morning, a busy work at the airport and railway landscape figure angle zone between the trees, soil, such a scenario has lasted nearly three months. The Provincial Forestry Department afforestation department director Ma introduced the Pingxi Expressway total length of 29 km, plans to invest 200 million yuan, the construction of landscape shelterbelt 1036 acres, planted all kinds of trees more than 17 trees. At present, Pingxi Expressway in Xining basically completed the task of afforestation, 15 kilometers east of the sea greening projects have been fully started, has 19000 trees planted all kinds of trees. In order to ensure the survival rate of seedlings, we will be the previous small seedlings to saplings, through the delivery of nutrients and other ways to ensure that the trees through the seedling period." Director Ma said.

through the efforts of the future, green is high speed afforestation showed four increase: improve the green scale for building green trees, into the formation of scale, improve the effect of greening tree species, make reasonable collocation, to evergreen, evergreen and deciduous;