some customers may be felt the high price of the product, and some customers are out of a habit, buy items will certainly lead to many of the shop counter, sellers need to face the buyer’s counteroffer. If you take the wrong strategy, it may have a very big negative impact on the operation of the store. Then, the online shop meets love bargain buyers do?

open shop customer advisory course is a happy thing, but encountered some love bargain buyers, profits have been very thin, but also left the right cut cut, sometimes really do not know how good. I believe there are a lot of sellers have to this headache, this small series to give you a little trick.

, keep your principle, if not the price, is not a penny, resolute attitude, they said all that wasted their time, but also delayed the time of others in both sides are not good mood. And if you can reduce the price, then the buyer asked directly to the price.

two, as long as you do not lose money to sell, can earn less better.

In three,

shop prominently, knife price please be lenient, baby description also reiterated a sincere attitude, encounter love will be a lot less likely bargain buyers, many buyers still believe that good.

each person may be different ways to deal with, if you are the owner of a shop, but do not know how to deal with this situation, then, might as well in accordance with the introduction of small. In short, open shop to make money in order to allow more long-term career development, and can not be destroyed in a moment.