although it is not a long time from the beginning of the flood to the present, the economic impact on the affected areas should not be ignored, which has caused a great loss to people’s property. Since mid June, much of southern China suffered several rounds of heavy rain hit flood waterlogging, millions of people affected, only Hubei and Anhui two, the direct economic loss of 43 billion 990 million yuan. But compared to other countries, a high proportion of insurance claims, as of now, the domestic insurance report estimated loss of 972 million yuan, accounting for only 2.2%, the use of insurance means to reduce the disaster casualties loss degree is very important. Recently, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission to protect the interests of consumers, consumers should raise awareness of risk, the use of insurance tools to improve the level of risk protection, easy to restore production and life after the disaster.

from the most serious loss of two provinces and cities, the data show that as of July 6th, heavy rainfall has caused direct economic losses of 18 billion 120 million yuan in Hubei Province, heavy rains also led to a direct economic loss of Anhui province of $25 billion 870 million. But the insurance play a security function is still small, such as the insurance industry in Hubei received a total of 34 thousand and 900 flood disasters, gusun amount is 653 million yuan, insurance accounted for 3.6%; because of the flood in Anhui province received a total of 17 thousand and 600, the amount of estimated loss of 319 million yuan, insurance accounted for 1.2%.

to this end, the Consumer Protection Bureau reminded to enhance the awareness of insurance, independent purchase products. At the same time, we should actively use risk insurance tools to improve the security level, to facilitate the timely restoration of production and life after the disaster, it is recommended to focus on agricultural insurance, property insurance, life insurance etc..

Consumer Protection Bureau also suggests that the risk should pay attention to the purchase of insurance, such as in the purchase of agricultural insurance must not only pay attention to insure insurance in the insurance company within the scope of business, but also pay attention to whether the insured insurance subsidies or other preferential policies, and pay attention to the amount of compensation, how many insurance company liability exemption scope etc..

CIRC to remind consumers, in the insurance after the accident, the consumer must promptly notify the insurance company claims, and handle the formalities as soon as possible, to pay special attention to prevent claims notes, incomplete procedures affect the progress of the claim, and to maintain a smooth flow of communications. At the same time, within 10 days after the conclusion of the agreement, pay close attention to and supervise the insurance company to fulfill the statutory obligations of compensation or payment of insurance benefits.

in addition, if consumers want to know the progress and results of compensation, nature can also take a more convenient way, so that more perfect insurance services. For example, consumers can through the insurance company outlets, telephone, Internet and other channels of inquiry, including the progress of claims, node time, the calculation process, claims results and other information.