love 3 years after the couple for the wedding and other things there is a dispute, then her boyfriend suspected of cheating on her boyfriend girlfriend, so the nurses of sleeping pills after injection of insulin caused the death of. Currently suspects in Shanghai trial.

A, Li Ming stay around home, Wang Lin read the other mobile phone, also found her boyfriend and other women, suspected infidelity, while Li Ming unprepared into sleeping pills in the water mixing of Li Ming sleeping in the injection of insulin, leading to their death. The victim’s mother had said that in the event of a conflict, the original has been suffering from lung cancer, the uncle of the victim’s injection of painkillers Wang Lin, no help.

2011, the sixth hospital in Shanghai, Wang Lin, a nurse in the workplace to get to know the hospital laboratory staff Li Ming.

After 3 years of

however, because of differences in the marriage room decoration, send dowry, Wang Lin and Li Ming produced a contradiction. Li Ming’s family put forward the wedding extension. Since then, Li Ming is also gradually reduced contact with Wang Lin, but the two sides are still men and women friends.

2015 in March 31st, Li Ming Wang Lin stay home, Wang Lin suspected that Li Ming’s family gave Li Ming introduced a new girlfriend, then asked Li Ming, the other was not denied, Wang Lin this anger from the heart.


2016 January 27th, Wang Lin trial in Shanghai, Xuhui District people’s court. Less than 1.7 meters tall Wang Lin was brought into court, her poor mental state, the trial is often a daze. For the prosecution of the accused is recommended