Reuters reported, Gu Yongqiang video website President Chinese said on Friday, as users of video sharing platform provides opportunities for the development of Internet video site is currently the largest, with the industry in the Chinese from centralized to decentralized, hope and then a year will develop into Chinese Youtube.  

      Youku launched in December 2006, positioned as a nationwide video sharing service platform for users. Prior to October, Internet search provider Google acquisition of U.S. video entertainment company YouTube to $1 billion 650 million worth of stock, so this video sharing trendsetter fame.

      "I very much believe that the video site will be a big market, and any in the field of the Internet to do the first few will have great value." Gu Yongqiang said in an interview with reuters. Our goal is to become the first video site in the next 12 months, do China’s Youtube."

      Gu Yongqiang, who served as chief operating officer and chief executive officer of Sohu in China in November 2005, founded the United Network, which started a fund of $3 million. In June 21, 2006, a network announced for half a year after the start of the beta, was officially launched, and won a $12 million financing.

      Gu Yongqiang said that in 2006 China’s video site began to develop gradually. In the second half, by the high price of the acquisition of Google YouTube incentives, the emergence of a time when hundreds of similar sites, into the melee period. However, because of the limitations of capital and technology, some sites are gradually aware of the threshold of development, many of the transition soon after coming out of the transition.

      "in the first half of this year, the video site began to focus quickly, stronger. I think the next 6-12 months, the basic pattern of video website and ranking will be more clear." He said. "As in 2000 around the portal began to focus, since then, people often talk about only Sina, Sohu and several other major portals."

      at present, including Youku, Tudou, cool 6 network, including video sites are actively looking for financing in order to seize the emerging video market. Tudou in December 2005 and in May 2006 were $800 thousand and $8 million 500 thousand investment, announced in April this year, the third round of investment. Sohu and former senior vice president and editor in chief Li Shanyou in the cool 6 network recently announced that the risk of investment.

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