many vehicle service O2O enterprise has no clear profit model, rely mainly on Financing money expansion of the O2O project, not to have their own blood due to excessive bleeding and fell

Li Suwan

[from the second half of last year, investment institutions are no longer flocking to the car in the O2O project, a sudden turn for the worse tide, the car door maintenance service O2O bear the brunt of fallen mostly this kind of enterprise]

[Chinese automobile market has been more than 700 billion yuan, 5 years will be more than 1 trillion yuan, referring to this data is only the narrow sense of the automobile market scale, namely vehicle maintenance, beauty decoration modification, car maintenance and vehicle directly related to daily maintenance services market size. ]

what is the market after a hundred billion car


CCTV 3· 15 party, for two consecutive years will be shot at the car after the market. This exposure is the second-hand car trading platform online car easy to shoot two sets of design background and the bully was exposed last year, Dongfeng Nissan, Shanghai Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz 4S shop through ailment overhaul profiteering.

this year in the CCTV 3· 15 party, automotive consumer complaints related to ranked first online shopping accounted for nearly 20% of the total complaints, including customer service problems in the process of customer service, including the service standard, opaque price, accessories not only for repair and maintenance problems such as excessive.

look, this big cake is very attractive, but also perplexing, unfathomable. At present, China in the post market formats are also very discrete, which is the average car market in China is low, the market is still in the incubation period. This is the chief of the arena, factions infighting, fighting each other, the industry chaos.

at present, the Internet as well as massive invasion of the capital, hoping to change the pattern of the automotive market. However, DOA, many have touted the car market after the O2O project have fallen across the cold, O2O’s business model is suffering from a severe test.


at present, the size of the United States after the car market in the world, its car ownership of nearly 280 million vehicles, the average age of more than 10 years. While China’s car ownership 160 million, the average age of about 4 years, compared with the United States, such as the mature market, the market size is relatively small. Since China is the world’s largest new car sales market, the industry is expected within ten years, China’s car ownership will be more than 350 million vehicles, ranking first in the world, the average age of vehicles will gradually increase to 6~8. China’s future car market size may overtake the United states.

Released last year,

China automobile circulation association data, Chinese automotive after market size has exceeded 700 billion yuan, 5 years will be more than 1 trillion yuan, referring to this data is only the narrow sense of the automobile market size >