recently, China Mobile Beijing company issued "on the short message to Fetion business offline announcement", said the message to Fetion business in June 30th will be offline, mobile SMS to Fetion will terminate the service, which means that unless the exchanges between the two sides at the same time online Fetion client, you cannot use the client send free sms.

filed a Fetion, perhaps some people will be a little strange, Fetion is an instant communication, not simply Fetion instant communication tool, it may be more accurate: Fetion once is a typical representative of the product transfer from PC to mobile phone instant messaging client, is China Mobile launched a business, can achieve real-time message, SMS, voice, GPRS and other means of communication, to ensure that users never offline.

in 2007, in the face of a strong development of the QQ, China Mobile launched fetion. With the PC and mobile phone text messages and the message exchange, seamless conversion function, relying on China Mobile big customer, Fetion business has developed rapidly. By 2011, Fetion has more than 82 million active users. In the domestic IM software market, Fetion was among the top three.

in the face of such a powerful user group, now why Fetion live so in


Fetion development from the business point of view, has a lot of reasons of decline and China Mobile’s fetion.

a reduction in tariffs, user groups, and Fetion


as everyone knows, now the three major domestic carriers to compete for users, has been launched in the package mode, at low rates to lure users into China Mobile, one of the three operators, of course, will not miss this opportunity, then, a time for different user groups, the major operators carefully crafted tariff packages emerge in an endless stream for example, one month, 15 yuan per month, with 100 messages, 50 minutes minutes, and this package exactly with the launch of the Mobile Fetion business overlay, because its purpose is Fetion itself, by allowing users to other mobile phone Fetion client can send free SMS, if the package discount rate, with this preferential user basically, mobile operators send messages will be enough, so the effect of Fetion is not so important Gradually, it will be abandoned by people!


two closed operation mode, but did not cause the monopoly letter of their Fetion

used Fetion knows first Fetion can send messages to any mobile phone number, as long as your computer or mobile phone to download the client fetion. It also makes Fetion registered users peak close to 500 million, but in the face of diverse market, China Mobile wrong use of the Internet and the opponents must die under the concept, let China Mobile Fetion chose shield other operators closed operation mode, one is incorporated into the value-added business management system by KPI to operate, two is the only mobile phone number can only be used. So >