20 year old Heilongjiang unemployed Duan Zongyi, by sending a "Gray dove" trojan virus, get taobao.com shop owner, bank information, the owner has been 3 times to steal account funds 20000 yuan. Recently, the Xuanwu court sentenced Duan Zongyi to 3 years imprisonment for theft and zero for 6 months, and fined $4000.

from March 30th to June last year the 30 day period, Zongyi in Mudanjiang city of Heilongjiang province control computer, go to the Taobao website, respectively to the 3 victims in the online business clothing store to buy clothes, send style grounds, "dove ash" trojan virus compressed files sent to the other party, steal bank information stored in the other computer the. After that, he will be the other online banking account of the money transferred to his friend’s bank card, cash accounted for by ATM extraction. Three crime, a total profit of two million yuan.

according to Duan Zongyi introduction, although some victims found compressed files, immediately deleted, but because the virus has entered the computer system disk, delete, he can still control.

last July, after the victim reported, the police through online banking records, query statements, IP address, will soon be locked and arrested Zongyi section.