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the preceding period, the medical department of Putian’s once because of Internet advertising, standing in the teeth of the storm became the focus of attention. Now, what the Department of Putian and the "Internet plus" "and enter a new season.

yesterday (June 20th), "daily economic news" reporter from Putian (Chinese) health industry association was informed that the president, executive president of the network Xidong Putian Yaoxie transaction Wu, Putian Department of Health issued by the State Administration of food and drug supervision and management of the Internet and drug transaction service A card.

in this regard, the idea that the industry, this is undoubtedly an important step in pushing the transformation and upgrading of the Department of Putian. At present, the domestic Internet drug trade in the initial stage, whether it is policy support, or enterprise development still has the development and perfection of the market space, years of operation of the medical department of Putian business online, should has a certain channel advantage.

To build the Internet trading platform


according to the certificate information provided by Wu Xidong shows: access to the name of the unit Fujian Putian electricity supplier investment management Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Putian electricity supplier), the number is A2015004". According to Wu Xidong introduction, previously, Putian electricity supplier has been awarded the Fujian Internet drug transaction information service certificate.

it is understood that the Internet and drug transaction services qualification certificate is divided into A, B, C three, the A card can only be approved by the State Food and drug administration to pass, is the trading service platform license, can only be done between the drug producing enterprises, drug distributors and medical institutions platform service providers drug sales shall not provide services to individuals.

yesterday, the "daily economic news" reporter query the State Food and Drug Administration website found that, at present, the public can query to the Internet and drug transaction services to obtain A certificate of a total of 16 companies, including the Jingdong, the major electricity supplier.

so, Putian electricity supplier is a kind of business, and the Putian Department of medical providers and how is the relationship between


business registration information display, Fujian Putian electric investment management Limited by Share Ltd’s registered address for the Xiuyu District of Putian City, Fujian Province, the company website for Putian Yaoxie trading network, the registered capital of 100 million yuan. According to a senior director of the Putian Health Industry Association, Putian Putian actually Yaoxie trading network health industry association director major joint venture, which I also participate.

rely on internal medical resources to develop

in fact, the medical department of Putian had been set up business Baotuan Internet and drug transaction platform to.

in June 28th this year, the Putian Health Industry Association has held a "Internet plus health industry forum activities. The "daily economic news" reporter learned that, the medical department of Putian has started the construction of non-public medical 3 times, at the same time to build medical B2B> in concept operation "Internet plus"