news (reporter Jia Zhongshan) 360 companies in apple App store app store mobile software has been on the shelves, while a brush App store software industry gradually surfaced. Reporters found that in Taobao (micro-blog) on the existence of dozens of companies can be ranked as a brush, a shop in 1 months time, turnover of more than 50 thousand pen. Not long ago, 360 of the company’s products in Apple’s App store suffered all the shelves processing. Currently these mobile applications have been re installed. A product is the cause of the shelf, the Apple Corp finally explained, Qihoo 360’s application of abnormal users and bad apple, were investigated by the convention. Because all of the 360 software in the same account, resulting in all products under the shelf.

statistics from Apple Corp show that as of July last year, Apple’s total downloads App store store has exceeded 15 billion times. An industry source said that after the completion of the development of a App application, after Apple Corp audit will be able to enter the Apple Corp application store for mobile phone users to download. These software can be divided into two kinds of free and charge. In order to rushed to the front, the App in the exhaust exhaust all the skills. For App applications, can be rushed to the front means more attention and downloads. App charges can be downloaded directly through the user’s income, those free App can also be achieved through the application of indirect advertising revenue. In addition to the pursuit of downloads, some companies also need some more direct effects: users. A large number of users can dilute the user’s praise.

input in Taobao " APP ranked " can be retrieved to provide similar services to 53 stores. Reporters found that, in accordance with the sales ranking, ranked first is a company called " China Apple " store. Page display, the store offers brush ranking service, each commodity price 1 yuan. In the last 30 days, the store sold a total of 56681 goods. The shopkeeper said: " we do ranking App free application company. Undertake national rankings. Now we have 100 a variety of software, a hand made up of software, China area, the United States, UK have reached the first list. We are ranked according to the ranking, ranking not refund. " seems to be in order to prevent peers; grab the business, the shopkeeper said: " ranking a lot, the strength of the only one we know, see sales, Taobao’s sales are only a few percent of our sales. " from last December to the present, the store has received a total of 36 buyers evaluation, of which the 35 were well received.

Bo Kan company CEO Zhang Yue said, App stpre brush company is basically the past who do network marketing or delete the company transformed, and behind the strength to do brush votes App application company basically is big companies, because &>