Xinhua news agency, Shenyang, June 13 – Title: 4 months off the end of the 66 black radio ye so difficult to fight

Xinhua News Agency reporter Fan Chunsheng,

selling counterfeit drugs, deceptive money, electromagnetic radiation threat to health and safety of civil aviation…… In recent years, the incidence of public security cases caused by private illegal radio stations. In this regard, the Shenyang multi sectoral linkage to crack down on black radio action, destroyed more than 4 years, black radio more than more than 300, of which only the first two months of 2016, destroyed the 66.

black radio why repeatedly playing without a break? What is behind the interests of the chain? Experts believe that the eradication of black radio must improve the relevant legal system, strengthen infrastructure investment, also should strengthen the education of ordinary people.

one day off more than and 20, playing the ‘black radio’ like cut leek


" is like cutting leek, cut a crop, soon after another crop." Mention black radio, Liu Weidong, director of the office of the Shenyang Municipal Radio Regulatory Commission, said, 2014 cracked 19 cases, in 2015 it was destroyed by the 225. In 2016, 4 months time and destroyed the 66."

black radio is illegal radio station, is not approved by the administrative departments of radio and television and radio management organizations, unauthorized settings and broadcast to the society by radio frequency (AD) radio propaganda "".

it is understood that the "black power radio transmitter, many installed on the bed, some high power black radio power can exceed 3000 watts. Black radio is also a threat to the safety of civil aviation January 9, 2015 night, Dalian airport navigation signal by radio interference of illegal drug advertising, leading to the airport that night 4 landing flight down the blind signal instability, affecting the normal operation of subsequent flights.

in order to strengthen the forces against the "black radio", in January 21, 2016, a number of Shenyang cultural market administrative law enforcement corps, Shenyang City Radio Management Committee Office, Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau and other departments held a joint action, to carry out centralized rectification action, day more than and 20 Duandiao dens.

on the same day, the reporter to follow the Tiexi district cultural market administrative law enforcement team staff came to the Garden District Tiexi District haixing. The discovery of a high-rise building roof suddenly spending a length of about 3 meters of antenna. After investigation, black radio installed on the roof of the residents of the solar water heater, affecting the normal reception of the cell broadcast.

80% more than selling drugs, a few days back to the fast

according to the reporter, in addition to Liaoning, Shaanxi, Tianjin and other places also have a large number of black radio, the harm is greater and gradually increasing trend.

2015, Beijing police informed with the use of "black radio" cases of illegal profits, 6 people set up 10 emission dens in 7 districts of Beijing, to seize the radio frequency.