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although the Internet lottery has been discontinued for more than a year long, but practitioners have been unwilling to remain out of the limelight to dig the hill.

Sina has reported "net sales of lottery lottery O2O ban will be a thorough investigation of online orders may not against the award", introduced in the "frozen" state lottery O2O mode, however, in the Ministry of Finance issued a document that will be to punish lottery lottery O2O O2O mode, enterprises shut down, now in a new mode replace the lottery O2O. This is known as the way the lottery is recommended to be able to flow over ten million, then this is the hype or gimmicks?

lock up period by selling material "Nuggets"

After the

network from the mining ban, many lottery industry began to seek a way out, in June last year, a large lottery website launched the "lottery O2O" the sale of color model, September’s Aussies lottery also joined the "O2O lottery" lineup. This form of making policy edge ball, in the lock up network color background, has become the most popular way of buying lottery.

however, along with the rest of the lottery lottery issued a document that O2O is not legitimate, this mode has gradually disappeared, only dare to appear in the "dark".

in the face of some industry Starving people fill the land. network color, O2O began to transition to the lottery lottery recommendation from one person began to recommend lottery development to independent App operation, at the same time, more and more enterprises have joined them.

According to Sina

technology survey found that there are two kinds of lottery recommended companies on the market, which is a kind of SMG, the cat ball secret as the representative of the main selling material App; and the other is the lottery O2O into selling lottery tickets recommended by App, the main representative is the 87 lottery.

expert ranking

specifically, is the platform to find some lottery lottery expert analysis, experts in the field of prediction game familiar results to users in different price according to the lottery experts in the industry status of pricing, and ultimately gain expert with the 4/6 or 5/5 into the platform.

an unnamed lottery to Sina revealed that the lottery prediction cost is almost 0, lottery experts are often with considerable gains but wise remark of an experienced person, but the highest, a recommended price of 128 yuan, lottery expert on the platform of the high income is ten, but the monthly water reached the platform million.

expert details

the fact that the lottery recommended way is not uncommon, in network color has not been banned, the recommended way to appear in the lottery lottery like BBS and micro-blog.

sina science and technology in Sina search on the lottery recommendation, there are 259 users, they are more than tens of thousands of fans in the attention of the people, there are fewer than a dozen individuals.