A5 (www.admin5.com) station network June 23rd news, the so-called Tall trees catch much wind, a piece of information APP today’s headlines to get $one hundred million financing of the news, the today’s headlines is pushed in the teeth of the storm. In addition to doubts about today’s headlines are worth $one hundred million, is to focus on whether the infringement is fired raise a Babel of criticism of.

is the first in this month to 6, today’s headlines unauthorized release of the "Guangzhou daily" works on suspicion, owned by Guangzhou interactive information network "Guangzhou daily" information network transmission right filed the copyright lawsuit. Followed by the "Beijing News" also published an editorial in today’s headlines on the copyright question, proposed today’s headlines deep links is equivalent to plagiarism, deep links constitute infringement requires two elements: 1, bypass connected directly to the home page, 2, in the specific content page is no sign of any chain website.

for today’s headlines infringement problems, professor and doctoral tutor of China University of Political Science and Law Song Jianwu in a guest video interview with Xinhua said, in fact, today’s headlines collected information like air, is a kind of public goods, there is no infringement of copyright issues. Although today’s headlines in the copyright does not exist problems, but it is technically a problem, that is the problem of business ethics." Song Jianwu said, robots protocol inside there is one on the other side is not informed of the agreement, if the other party does not agree to be unaware of crawler crawl, today’s headlines in this model there is a problem in business ethics.

and in the information aggregation application this month to 18, today’s headlines today and the "Guangzhou daily" signed a cooperation agreement, which has a formal application for withdrawal. Today’s headlines and therefore temporarily resolve the crisis of infringement. Although from the Guangzhou Daily recently in this crisis, the National Copyright Administration copyright management division at CI Ke recently announced that has received a complaint about the traditional media, said today’s headlines network unauthorized reprint their news works. National Copyright Administration attaches great importance to this, has accepted the relevant complaints, are on today’s headlines network for investigation, will be based on the investigation, according to the law to deal with.

it seems that this is really hit the headlines today in the air, Jian Wang 2014 special action officially started in 12 this month. And the special action will be part of the site without authorization to reprint a large number of traditional media works, serious violations of the legitimate rights and interests of the obligee’s rights into the key tasks.

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