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Spring Festival and more concentrated taste, home has been put on the agenda, for how to pass long homeward boring time, a lot of people early good reserve variety shows, movies and TV series.

if you are a member of the major video sites, everything will be easy to prepare. But if not, and can not be like Yang Fei, things will be bumpy.

Yang Fei, male, 27 years old, during the day is a Internet Co’s UI designer, in the evening to find fun in a variety of video, because of boredom, but also chase TV series. Since December, "Mi month biography" became his new favorite. The only problem is updated daily to compromise copyright LETV, this rhythm always let him.

but not too long, he got rid of the limitations of music. Baidu cloud member Yang Fei, in the cloud disk was found in HD and has not broadcast drama — that he was satisfied with the annual membership renewal.

"my Photoshop has been cracked version, but has been a lot of times for Baidu cloud membership fees, not to save things, but to see things, especially some things – you know." Yang Fei smiled and told sina science and technology.

Baidu cloud movie blockbuster

music as out of anger

Yang Fei’s "satisfaction" did not last to the end "Mi month biography", as the first fire.

at the end of December, LETV joint "Mi month biography" and other copyright Tencent, flowers television video, Beijing TV, Shanghai Oriental TV jointly issued a statement condemning the Baidu cloud platform such as piracy behavior, and has an alarm, police investigation.

war triggered at any moment.

Baidu put a conciliatory attitude. Its response in the evening, said the emergency treatment, delete the relevant links, piracy has been controlled.


cloud on the "Mi month biography" resources

in this war on copyright, music as chairman Jia Yueting left the most dazzling figure. He left behind relentless: in micro-blog piracy perpetrators, like industry cancer. In addition, the official also offered a reward of 1 million, in order to find piracy "Mi month biography" the initiator of evil.

poker-faced LETV so angry, does not see more.

information from the public point of view, "Mi month biography" a single set of investment of up to 2 million 500 thousand yuan, a total of 200 million yuan. As the network platform of copyright, the copyright distribution is extremely important for revenue, since the broadcast, "" Mi months pass depending on the all terminal playback volume has exceeded 6 billion, the net amount of playing more than 10 billion, the direct income distribution of copyright is self-evident.

has long been one of the important sources of revenue for copyright distribution. Reported that in 2014 LETV revenue of 6 billion 800 million yuan, of which