today, China frequently came occupation social networking sites to obtain financing news, the largest social networking site occupation Chinese Sky Network ( is to obtain a huge amount of financing of $about thirty million in a few months ago. Professional social networking site recently so popular, but also reflects its value is being recognized by more and more investors and professionals.

according to the U.S. market research firm Hubspot conducted a survey of 611 financial advisers survey data show that 61% of respondents believe that LinkedIn has direct help for their business expansion. Prior to this, HNW released another study showed that 75% of respondents will linkedIn as their preferred investment research and social media.

so, represented by LinkedIn, domestic and foreign to the sky network as a bellwether for the occupation of social networking sites are so popular with business? How is the occupation of social networking sites to reflect their value


with this question, the reporter registered the country’s largest professional social networking site skyline, and a number of online users on the horizon of the interview.

popular list of the top Stephen in an interview, said, I was registered in 2008, is also considered to grow up with the old users of this site. Even later, micro-blog fire, I still keep the account, because in the horizon net, I can make many of you can’t find in micro-blog professionals, these connections to tens of thousands of fans on the far more than micro-blog is worth more."

and for headhunters, professional social networking site is an efficient and convenient platform for hunting. Christy, a senior headhunting consultant, said, as a headhunter, the sky network to help save a lot of things. You can locate the target by searching, you can find the target in the forum or circle, and then be able to contact them directly. At the same time, you can know what companies can become your customers, who just want to quit, shoot two hawks with one arrow."

in addition, professional social networking site is still an efficient recruitment platform. Social recruitment has been a very important part of our company’s recruitment strategy, and this recruitment is more efficient, more accurate target. For example, we had some time ago in the sky network elite recruitment channel successfully recruited a good marketing director." A Internet Co HR Tommy said.

from the above several sky network users in an interview we can see that the occupation of social networking sites to bring the user value is very rich, can not only expand the network of people, is also an efficient platform for job search and recruitment. In the course of the professional experience in the design of the site, but also found that its value is far more than this. For example, the network can not only get to know the network of contacts, but also experience a lot of offline activities. In addition, the elite education channel 100 schools and training institutions to meet the occupation >