Many people believe that

of course, this is just a method for me, an idea, in the middle of the operation to take hold of you, I believe will help you. Determine your keywords related to the subsequent development of the website of the event, not sloppy, only more accurate data can help you. Of course, my method may be just one aspect, you may have a better way, hope that we can.


is now generally select keywords or through love Shanghai index, but with the owners of the increase, bad competition, love Shanghai index also appears more and more unreal, also make more and more keywords to determine the whirling, become a problem in the webmaster, today to give you some tips to judge Shanghai index true love the hope will be helpful to the Webmaster:

maybe some people will say, you say, I come from these data which ah, do rankings page webmaster will tell you his temporary traffic? You can use these data better, so more accurate, no, also never mind, this in their own way:

1. entry observation statistics.

, according to the keywords ranking page site traffic to determine whether the true love Shanghai index: in fact, the authenticity of the above judgment index according to the love of Shanghai index, although its usefulness, but personally think is not necessarily practical, too many of the factors considered too complex. The so-called "facts than eloquence", as long as access to real data, real flow, then the corresponding judgment index of keywords is true you will not be too difficult.

2. to observe the word Encyclopedia trend. The first point in the US is just a rough estimate of the IP traffic, the average number is not very accurate. Want to get more accurate, we can observe the changes of 3, 5, 10, 20 days of time words views, so as to observe his daily pageviews (IP), which is more accurate, it is able to follow you in the site after the rankings from IP can obtain the key words flow in the.


there is a statistical entry browsing, we can understand the amount of the entry into IP he visited, but this is the entry for since the creation of the IP, we then click into the history version edit times, we will find his first create version, get the creation date of this entry, such as this entry can be created by the total number of days, creating a total amount of IP divided by, so that you can get the IP flow of the word has gained.

is a key to determine the site of words, but not the nature of the long tail keywords! Then the words generally have a general, each word has a row of the same site on the home page, but the rankings are in front, that is: love the sea. Yes, it is by Shanghai to determine the authenticity of the Encyclopedia of love love Shanghai index. Here to tell you detailed: