love Shanghai official given against deliberate manipulation including but not limited to the following example:

love Shanghai in the letter announcement, has stressed the webmaster concentrate on the web content, more user experience, to better serve users, and now many owners just for ranking and to a website, finally, I suggest have the order reversed, as long as perseverance to provide users with high quality content and before making any decision, if want to know this.

has no significance on

these sites see from where? I feel like A5 this platform every day there are many sale link information, then love will Shanghai from here near the site to start? There are many similar famous sites released the information, then if you buy? If you buy, please remove it.

cross links, is refers to the site of several links to each other, the network company is very terrible, many people use their own hands to exchange resources for friends of the chain, the majority of people through the channel then several, in the course of time, virtually formed a large cross chain connection, such as through the QQ group, you with two men. The group for the link, then the two are also likely to exchange links, so that the formation of cross links. If you shot, think about it, your site is there a reason.

is not recommended meaning means that there is no correlation between the chain or chain, many websites in order to send the chain, as long as the website included, would not stop in some related websites crazy to release some useless information, this is contrary to the principle of weight transfer you love Shanghai, love Shanghai. Do you have

use mass software released some meaningless links, this is very early on cheating, but many people go on like this, this is not love Shanghai’s advice, then your website still throw the helve after the hatchet, died soon.

joined the hidden links in high quality site by scanning the web site vulnerabilities;

value by creating a web page or site built a large number of cross chain wheel;


website has hidden links, this is relatively low-level cheating, many hackers use some means to leave their way links in some high quality website, love Shanghai now have the ability to recognize this means, advise those people who think he is wise, or not messing around, go straight, do white hat Shanghai dragon.

The use of

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform in October 23, 2012 ten morning issued a super chain upgrade cheating algorithm, below I will briefly on the list of the deliberate manipulation of.

program on sites such as Web2.0 large mass links pointing to your site;

recommended exchange links

to spend money to buy or sell the links can improve the site weight;