first need to be clear that there is a great relationship with the domain name website optimization, love Shanghai search engine has been emphasized in the user experience of four words, while the domain name and the user experience is also a great relationship, the first thing we need to do is in the domain and user experience four words linked to a domain name registration preferred Pinyin the domain name, then choose a short domain name, then choose other types of domain name, the domain name if they are not, then I suggest you change a keyword.

once again chosen to host the author has always insisted on using a shared host IP website, why not use IP alone, as a new website to love Shanghai spiders can crawl, then choose to share a IP can provide web connected, thus being influenced by other sites within the host, so here we have to think about it in the choice of sites on the host shared IP website is conducive to love Shanghai search engine, if you are in love with shared IP Shanghai K site too much, so this kind of website is not love love Shanghai, but it will also affect your website development, we can see that the host must also choose: follow the Shanghai search engine friendly love.

finally I want to say to all the webmaster in registering a domain name, host selection, modify the program >



A few days ago,

received a master optimization task, the meaning is very clear, key words on the front page, after the task of registering a domain name, modify the program with a day, then optimized for two days, the site’s ranking ambition rise, March 15th is still ranked outside the top 20, and in March 16th the ranking basically has different degree of improvement, we can look at a picture, this picture I will remove all advertising information:

website in late March 12th of March 13th that the domain name registration, upload the program to modify the site, the site in March 14th was officially included in March 15th, all the words are in the March 16th rankings, most keywords home, perhaps many webmaster feel unbelievable, but this is done, I will face these days of experience summed up, I hope to help the webmaster. These contents will be divided into two parts, one part is the preparation part before the line on the website, and the other part is to build a good site keywords, title, Links choice part.

then modify the program must be simplified, why my site could be the day was collected, because the site program is designed, the author personally revised, the website procedure is based on pseudo static rules, has experienced three changes in the adjustment of the whole procedure the author suggests the best choice for novice webmaster charge program. Because they do not understand the code for many webmaster friends, only understand the links of the process by paying a certain amount of money, so please modify the program is feasible; the author’s suggestion is for veteran code as simple as possible, if hundreds of KB can meet your needs, so we are as simple as possible.