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digital provisions as much as possible a complete overview of the content of the website


, a web site keywords layout title

Title has a certain limit, we try to use title to maximize the website content to give an overview of our visitors, such as our site is about female beauty cosmetic products, the author thinks that we use the word "female facial skin care products will be" far than the "beauty" is more likely to cause the visitors in search engine the click, because of the use of the former compared with the latter more in line with the visitor’s search habits, and more easy to obtain accurate target visitors. So use relevant specific keywords as Title in the title site, it is easy to make the search easier to find our site, click the upgrade rate.

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analysis and analysis of key words and click conversion is not a simple job, we need a large amount of data analysis and practice in order to obtain more accurate results, a method which is the most simple way we can pass the PPC to the site, set different keywords to view the page click rate and conversion rate.

three, by delimiter Title Enhance the readability of

general website match we will use such as "|" "-" "_" and ">" punctuation, so why do we need to use these symbols? We can from the Shanghai dragon and UEO to explain the delimiter can make our Title more simple and clear, let search engine at a glance, it is also used in our site visitors, improve the readability of title and increase the visitor friendly.

Title website layout is very important, generally speaking our keywords more in front of the Title, the weight gain is relatively higher, so we can put a higher degree of difficulty of optimization layout of words in front of Title, and some enterprise brand word because low degree of competition we can at the end and at the same time meet the visitor’s reading habits, of course, if you want to do brand word is the mainstream brand, then you need to reconsider. The author suggests that the layout in the front near the title placement, so placed increased visitors click rate. In general how to layout keywords, or to local conditions taking into account the actual situation of the product.

believes that the new and old Shanghai dragon Er are very clear Title keywords website is the key information of our site page, its influence on the site in the search engine visibility, search engine is also an important indicator to determine the site correlation. We can see that the written website title, the weight of our website ranking effect can not be ignored, and how to maximize the effectiveness of our site Title, I mainly summarized the following six principles.