: the first to Shanghai Longfeng low cost, so there are a lot of Shanghai dragon Er does not love working for others, they can operate in several sites, even if the flow by a month a little will earn thousands of dollars. Without the control of the boss.

represent the general trend along with the electronic commerce, more and more enterprises realize the importance of network marketing. All enterprises want from the traditional sales model before the transition to combined with electronic commerce now, the formation of enterprise marketing on two legs. Hope the road wider and wider, but the recruitment of Shanghai Longfeng network marketing personnel encountered huge problems. I specialize in Shanghai Longfeng service work for a year and a half, know the difficulty of enterprise recruiting. In fact, not only is difficult to recruit people, in fact, Shanghai dragon Er professionals looking for a job is not easy. Today I this enterprise recruit talent from Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon Er job problems to comment.

fourth: Shanghai dragon enterprise recruitment difficult requirements are too high, it blocked some of Shanghai Longfeng personnel seeking road. I also went to see some resumes, there are a lot of your resume is full, I hope a >

the three: enterprise who did not understand the Shanghai dragon, so they can not write even recruitment conditions. I remember when working in the company for several boss wrote recruitment resume, I estimate that their companies do not understand Shanghai dragon enterprise who is also a copy of your resume estimation. Even I have to help enterprises interviewed Shanghai dragon er. I do not know Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Dragon technology talent is uneven, and can not identify. Network marketing is the enterprise development priority, each boss wants to recruit the Shanghai dragon talent, this led to a major difficulty recruiting talents of Shanghai dragon.

I have been in Shanghai to provide professional services company Dragon worked for a year before half time, we find many people do Shanghai dragon service. Of course, our service is very good, they also tasted the benefits of network marketing, so I want to join in, want to set up their own company’s Shanghai dragon team. Often tell us that now the Shanghai dragon difficult to recruit talent. Let our company recommend outstanding talents in Shanghai dragon. We are Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon was quite understand difficult to recruit difficult where.

second difficult: Shanghai dragon road is very wide, I once said "Shanghai dragon is in the network marketing muscle-bone strengthening exercise". As long as the Shanghai dragon, a lot about the promotion of the things are interlinked. For example, now if I want to study a B2B web site ranking is a very simple thing. So a lot of the promotion of implicit or explicit Touzhe Shanghai dragon shadow, because of this, so Shanghai Longfeng road is very wide, can do a lot of things, such as their operating a small website, Taobao guest. Your products do e-commerce and so on, to enterprise work is only one choice. I often see It is often seen. senior Shanghai Longfeng director of the annual salary of hundreds of thousands of No one shows any interest in the first half.