, a traditional enterprise in manufacturing and processing, accounting for 21% of the total, the types of customers belong to the industry TOP10, investment promotion general multi channels, in order to maintain its leading position in the industry and market share, will spend a predetermined cost for Shanghai Dragon Phoenix company for the optimized stable ranking every year.

want to know their location, it is necessary to analyze the existing Shanghai dragon industry market, Shanghai dragon industry classification at present, can be roughly divided into the following categories (Figure -1):1, Shanghai Dragon Consulting Services; optimization analysis, 2 key words; 3, Shanghai dragon and Phoenix software tools; 4 Shanghai Dragon training class; 5, class of 6, the industry website optimization; search engine optimization class. Although the 2 and 5 to 1 can be contained inside, but now on the market there are still a lot of demand only keywords optimization and web optimization, keyword analysis, after all, optimization is the priority among priorities, and page optimization is mostly due to web designers to design beautiful from the website developers to view the website the function of point of view. While the industry search engine optimization is only in recent years began to attract the attention of the market, has not yet been developed to a certain scale.


today’s market competition is becoming increasingly fierce and intensified, in order to seize market share, take the main position, the competition among enterprises is no longer the short-term limitation of competition, and more attention is paid to the long-term stable benefit. This paper wants to occupy a space for one person in the information in Shanghai Longfeng market share, and the need for bigger and more clear market positioning strategy.

in the direction of the information service at present position is: Shanghai Dragon Consulting Service + Shanghai dragon tools. Then the existing statistical data, to the date of the beginning of the project signed a number of cases. Signed in 3 months of the 52 project customers, according to the market segmentation strategy Tian Zong give guidance, simple analyzed as follows:

two, growth oriented enterprises: the establishment of the enterprise is not a very long time, can be summarized as the growth type enterprise. The enterprise pays attention to the high price, such customers accurate cost control requirements for, often in the company will seek Shanghai Longfeng goods than three, repeatedly than then choose the most suitable scheme of Shanghai dragon. Such customers accounted for the largest proportion, about 70%, is the direction of the market we focus on the development of.


three, accounted for 6% of the total project: the electricity supplier, electricity supplier enterprises focus on the brand, high conversion rate, because of its itself is the Internet industry, coupled with the strength of capital adequacy, such customers are willing to invest the high cost of Shanghai Longfeng promotion, more attention is paid to the Shanghai dragon company brand, which belongs to the precise customer in their own apartment layout, will the Internet circles by participating in the conference or friend of reputation Shanghai dragon enterprise information, play the impression, do not have to spend more time with the cost of the goods more than three Shanghai dragon. >