public number, short video, and many other opportunities, to the vertical subdivision of the field of deep penetration, such as mother and child, early childhood education, psychology, health…


, entrepreneur mainly from multiple dimensions of entrepreneurial experience ability, social interaction ability, enterprise development potential of these three aspects, to make a comprehensive assessment of the candidate female entrepreneurs, selected by the end of 30, in 2017 the most notable female entrepreneurs "list, the total valuation of companies on the list of female entrepreneurs the creation of more than 40 billion yuan.

this high, high valuation list doesn’t just make you look beautiful,

Wilson and Gilt CTO · Mike, Brizay J Mike Bryzek attended the meeting to demonstrate the model and related information. However, they soon discovered that Posen’s office did not have an WiFi network. So Wilson carried paper and pens and painted his own ideas. Posen was interested in this and became the first designer to sell goods through Gilt at the end of 2007.

, after 2 months, surveyed 133 of the most profitable start-ups, who launched the 2017 women’s most noteworthy list of women entrepreneurs:


among the 30 women entrepreneurs, the financing phase in the A/B round of 20;

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: you know, two years to achieve Mobell valuation of billions of Hu Weiwei, before the start of the occupation is a reporter, but in life, it is a seven year old mother of

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Gilt pioneered many of the first in e-commerce, and is now preparing for IPO.


American technology blog TechCrunch weekend article, reviewed the flash purchase site Gilt development process. Gilt pioneered many of the first e-commerce sites, such as using daily email campaigns to promote promotions. Currently, the site is preparing for the IPO initial public offering.



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Gilt has been experimenting with a new business model of the electricity supplier start-up company transformation, covering several vertical industry sites, obtained $240 million financing, annual gross revenue of more than 600 million U.S. dollars. Gilt is about to celebrate its 5 birthday and is currently valued at over $1 billion. In October this year, Gilt realized its monthly profit for the first time in terms of earnings before tax, depreciation, amortization, and profit EBITDA. Last week, the company announced that Travelocity CEO, former Citigroup executive Michel · Michelle Peluso; Peluso will serve as the company’s CEO early next year, replacing the current CEO and co-founder Kevin · Ryan Kevin Ryan. Gilt is likely to be listed on 2013.

1, content entrepreneurship

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what are the potential entrepreneurial opportunities for women,

this year, 133 women entrepreneurs who registered for the election, 87% to get more than A rounds of financing;


founder Zhu Yueyi, based on the "pleasedoneself" business, explore new flower market, launched 99 yuan monthly order, every Monday beam "flowers supplier platform, actress Gao Yuanyuan and her

November 2007, Alexander · Wilson Alexandra Wilkis Wilson into the famous designer Zach · Posen Zac Posen exhibition hall. As a co-founder of Gilt, a flash buying site, Wilson tried to convince Posen and his team to sell their inventory through the Gilt, which was not yet on the line. At that time, flash purchase is a new industry. Many people, including the fashion world, don’t know what flash purchases are.


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Abstract: long beautiful is given by parents, no need to pick it, but live pretty, but you can give yourself!

has 7 entrepreneurs, has entered the C/D round of financing.

flash purchase was not a completely new concept in 2007. European website Vente-Privee purchases designer stock items and sells them to consumers at discounted prices. Such a model has been successful. Ryan has worked for many times and was DoubleClick of the advertising company CEO. Ryan heard about Vente-Privee from his wife who liked to buy discounted items, and his first response was: "we’re >."


VIPKID founder Mi Wen Juan, 17 years old drop out, 20 years time to do only one thing – to teach English, in 2016 revenue 1 billion;

recently received a new round of financing, and more than one hundred million of the amount of financing, 16 yuan;