why didn’t the website make money? Today, in the back of the forum, see a webmaster to make money investigation. The result shows, most individual stationmaster does not earn money, the income that make a website is zero or even negative number. This can not help the new owners of this industry, industry doubts. I want to ask the webmaster who doesn’t earn money. Why didn’t you make money?

full moon, because I go to sleep during the day, the old, the college entrance examination is coming, so, the teacher called my parents, and the N time the father was scolded, in the countryside, I also know that the family hard, so give up the idea of standing on the station, this time IP to 500, I’ll go to the post ADMIN5 ready to sell. ADMIN5 is a hard place, a lot of people are in the related. My price is 450RMB, because I see many people stop from 1IP–0.8 to 1.5 yuan. So I think the price is reasonable. Which knows, many people say under the post what, station is garbage station, the most worthy of 200; have asked to take the collection did not… Some people say I’m greedy for money…. Very depressed, I work hard >

do the station is my choice of road, although delay study, but I never regret, because this road is my own decision to go, I can’t regret, a regret, must be confused.

over the past 2 years, I have done countless stations, many have not yet succeeded, I was abandoned. I am impatient, so a lot of day around IP100 stations have been deleted, and I pulled more points, ADMIN5 sold

I had a space station in March 5th, I do not know PS, do not know FLASH, space station is most in need of these 2 technologies, space station is most in need of original things, in order to retain visitors, new customers continue to love you more, search engine. Although I don’t know, but I do not blindly follow suit to do such station, because I know a lot of pseudo original, to find new things they stand, then used changed himself on, nothing more, larger module, under the map, they get rid of their own for the URL or blank FLASH, and the FD module, I found the local open jump page, I from the sh419 search on how to remove the Hoplinks article, changed it. don’t scold me, don’t respect copyright, don’t scold me, MJJ-, look at my material

as a webmaster, at least 2 websites? Know little SEO and promotion, each station 500IP not? Add up to 1000IP, shlf1314 and other 1000IP hang what alliance, I think 5 dollars a day is not a problem? It also has 150 yuan a month. Why is it zero income or even negative income,

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if you’re a full-time station owner, you can’t have only 2 websites. It’s impossible to have only 500IP per site. That is to say, your monthly income can not be less than 300 per month. Why am I so sure? Because I tried it myself. I made a picture stand, began a month about IP100, 2 months IP to 500,3 months after IP to 800, after I was in charge of IP, after half a year to reach 1500, just hang a few alliance, there are hundreds of dollars a month income. If it can be updated for a long time, the income will be more and more. Now the work is so hard to find, money is so difficult to earn, this income is not too difficult.

although I am a student, I am a senior student in the senior middle school, but I have been learning how to stand, and now I have been around for almost 2 years.

I insist on updating the website every day, updating at least 15 or more every day, all hand sent articles. To tell the truth, very tired, but I know that only in this way, sh419, GG and other search engines will be included in my station, will bring me traffic. Adhere to is right, second Friday, sh419 included GG, no, this is abnormal, GG was slower than sh419, I suspect is shlf1314 into the sandbox, but what can you do, only rely on sh419, sh419 love every day to update the station, I have to update every day. The entrance exam, I also updated the site every day overnight.


does not earn money webmaster should ask yourself: do you spend every day on the site? Do you insist on updating and promotion? Do you have a website that has persisted for 2-3 years?


to third weeks, GG unexpectedly also included, also in this week, sh419 brought me more than 200 IP a day. Same update,