tomato garden incident, a writer Hong Lei and "friends" dialogue recording attracted attention. The recording, Hong Lei detailed analysis of the tomato garden profit model, as well as other sites and software cooperation, admits that monthly income can be more than ten million yuan. This is indeed a small number, however, insiders broke the news to reporters, similar income of the site on the Internet a lot, and most are not very formal, many people are "muffled sound rich."".Many

in many personal Webmaster Central website and the forum, the reporter saw many similar "ten thousand IP120 daily" advertising, that is to say, if your site a day can have 10 thousand independent IP address access, so every day can earn 120 yuan, but the secret is horse". According to Chinese stationmaster net charge, "horse" mode of operation is very simple, through IM chat tools to the webmaster good contact, a IF code linked to the page, the code is hidden, ordinary visitors could not perceive. IF code is usually some Trojans, as long as visitors visit the page, it will allow the local computer infected Trojan, automatically accept advertising, and even , online banking account will be stolen by criminals.

I often visit Admin5 forums, often meet their favorite posts, always want to make some comments and suggestions, for a long time, but also out of some of their own circle. Posting also has some popularity, unconsciously for more than a year. My ID forum has become a gold member, because the signature of Admin5 is limited, since I reached gold membership, restrictions on less, use can increase the bold words, more, do not limit and so on, the primary member is limited.

selling signature ads is nothing new, but many people look down on these little money, so no one does it, but I still do it. Write about this experience today.

"although we all know that this is a gray income, but there are still a small number of webmaster for this.". Not the webmaster have no conscience, is really behind the existence of too much money to bait. A 20 thousand day IP website on the alliance ad, hard to wait a month, can only get a few thousand dollars, and put the IF code, what a month can earn million yuan, but also can enjoy the happy every day." The stationmaster told the reporters.


a long time, will always be stared at, advertisers come to the door. 10 yuan a month to buy my signature ad, this price is very cheap, but I also agree, after all, this is also an income. We have been working together for 4 months and receive 40 yuan. Anyway, I don’t suffer any loss. As time goes on, I believe that the popularity will be higher and higher, so the monthly fee will increase.

brand promotion with these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

There are many ways to make money in

, depending on what you do or how you do it. Of course, making small money is money. Li Jiacheng doesn’t miss the chance to make 1 cents, let alone us,

users have encountered such a problem, then log on to a website, a lot of inexplicable pop-up pages and advertising, or antivirus software began to alarm "the website Trojan virus, need to immediately clean up." Like this in the "embedded Trojan code, once the user access the website will be caught, in the industry known as the" horse "website, and the most popular" hang ", is the software download site.


with an insider’s words, "the Internet is basically Download download and Share sharing", so download website popular naturally not surprising. Because the software download is necessary to do a netizen, download site, work is also very simple, replace the link of URL software, it can attract many hits, advertisers will frequently patronize, if an agreement with a software, help its promotion, can also increase the income immediately. "These revenues are legitimate income, but not much, and many download site traffic base is quite stable, the daily independent IP click rate is not a small number.". Therefore, some owners to make money, and some advertisers, become the best "horse site."." China stationmaster net a stationmaster tells a reporter.


download site is "horse"