6.28 Baidu K

from the beginning of last year to stand outside the chain of tools to refuse to on-line this year and the recent Scindapsus algorithm on Baidu LEE outside the chain of judgment are all with the chain, familiar with the SEO optimization webmaster clearly know Baidu crackdown on low chain, a little attention, your site will fall into "the chain gate", such as a few days ago, the nation’s largest A5 network owners in a "chain", though it is not that we often say that the Baidu K station. This time, A5 pre emptive – cancelled the A5 whole network signature file,


[A5 cancel signature file is accidental or sincere]

A5 cancels the signature file, which is rather unexpected for most webmasters. Including small too, first found the signature is missing or when the original articles published in the A5, I have a habit: after will pay special attention to the layout of the article, so as usual published articles after check in when you modify layout, inadvertently found A5’s signature is missing.

began to think that he is not in the editor of the article did not put personal signature or tick, but after that or show. And then see that users in the reply did not see a signature, and then check the settings of the background, and found that the signature settings or in. And finally to the A5 home page turned a few articles, found all gone, also say, no signature reply looks much clearer… Began to feel may be A5 in the maintenance of the website what, because the recently opened A5 network will always be 505, but today only to find that A5 is really taking off signature the.

Why did

[A5 cancel the signature file]

This is

we discussed the comparison of heat and also is the problem of doubt, some people say that is because the relevant departments issued "to order", some people say that is because the A5 comply with the recent Baidu LEE foreign chain judgment principle standard so mind to cancel the signature. I am opposed to the views of the former concerning the relevant departments, and the specific reasons are not here. With emphasis on the latter point of view, I agree more.


LEE when talking about the chain of judgment is particularly introduced by Baidu that graphic is the chain of cheating, and the BBS signature chain and comment on the chain let Baidu one photo posted, so many often do this kind of chain including small lying gun. A5 webmaster network is the country’s largest webmaster network, also can be said to be the country’s largest "chain network", I believe this also makes A5 greatly headache.

[A5 cancels the signature file and has an impact on the user.]

A5 as ordinary users, A5 is the largest "chain network also has deep experience in the past, believe A5 webmaster know better than me, but my biggest experience is when my original article in A5 approved and recommended to the first page of the time, sometimes I really don’t know this happy or lost. >