knew him on the Internet, by chance, that, in order to give me just finished not long after the new station (power source (5151soft) and software park) publicity, I ran to the Admin5 forum made a lot of Links post, at that time, because I was just contact with the network editor, many knowledge do not know, only know to add content to the website and do Links, don’t know what is SEO optimization, what is the search engine, then inadvertently, I went to his post place after he left a message, add my QQ (is the company assigned to our website QQ), then we exchanged Links, thought that since then, he and I have what relation never, but God let us meet here, he became my best friend on the network partner, he taught me what What is search engine, how to do SEO optimize to the website, how to publicize to the website, how to write soft text to the website?.

However, these are not what

, let me and he even further reasons, but because I believe him, because I talk to him. Okay, I told him about my private QQ, he added my QQ, did not talk about what, but he asked me, "how much is your album password, then I think, anyway, for others to see their own photos not what I told him my album password. Later, he’ll believe me, help me find the username and password are difficult to register the forum, he also helped the two new I (power source) and (5151soft software) to write soft, the webmaster nets to send posts. Later, it was true that my website had improved a lot compared with the past, and he gave me the confidence to do the job well and let go of the idea of quitting. Although many of my friends said to me, boys will be girls, if I changed a number QQ to chat with him, he will help me, but I do not like so try him, after all he is willing to help me to promote my website, although the site visits is very low but, I believe that as long as I am willing heart, my website will do it.

, this is me and his story, about the next story, the next continued.

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