webmaster want their tourism web like clouds, so desperately SEO spread everywhere to promote their website, but when our guests really came to the site, are we ready? When the guests come, we need to consider what the tourism website? Here is the Guilin tourism network discussion comments:


Dai Bin: the following five points need to be improved,

first: the core products and projects are not prominent, the main navigation bar should be adjusted

second: put tourism products on the important position, travel information and some unimportant sections down, and even independent pages, do not all on the home page, too horizontal,

third: the most dislike is the customer service system, a customer will open home, three column, customers should be in the needs of tourists when appropriate benefits come out (such as the final page, product page, the help page error page), rather than to start out

fourth, without considering the details (such as the time of booking, booking day can not, can only reserve tomorrow after) the whole process as well as the problems, writing too much information, no reservation is successful, rather baffling back to the home page, do not suggest the next operation is successful, is waiting to be paid, consulting

fifth: the payment system is not installed, your website is purely a propaganda plus traditional booking

basic information; ways, attractions; itinerary introduction; line description; notes, information and other content is well done; the page site is very good as a whole; the process is also simple, especially the product introduction page, it is worth learning.

recommends the use of third party payment system such as: money and banking, stimulate consumption, Alipay can also be considered.

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